Emily Carter

Emily Carter, Clinical Nurse Educator, combines 5+ years in acute and community nursing, enriching NCLEX prep with real-world insights and strategies.
Emily Carter

RN - Clinical Nurse Educator

Emily Carter is a cornerstone of excellence at Kevin's Review, where she serves as a Clinical Nurse Educator. With a rich tapestry of experiences as a Registered Nurse and a deep-rooted passion for nursing education, Emily embodies the essence of meticulous guidance and support for NCLEX candidates. Her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Summit University has been the foundation of a career dedicated to both patient care and educational mentorship.


Staff Nurse, General Hospital's Medical-Surgical Unit

Emily's journey began on the front lines of patient care, where she honed her clinical skills and developed a comprehensive understanding of patient needs across the lifespan.

Nursing Education Coordinator, Pine Valley Health System

Transitioning into nursing education, Emily embraced the role of shaping future nurses, focusing on curriculum enhancement and the integration of NCLEX standards into learning objectives.

  • Registered Nurse, Sunshine Hospital, Acute Care Unit: Emily's nursing journey began in a high-volume acute care setting, where she developed crucial clinical skills and a patient-first approach to care.
  • Nursing Educator, City College Nursing Program: Transitioning to education, she applied her clinical experience to teaching, emphasizing curriculum development and innovative assessment strategies.
  • Nursing Professional Development Specialist, HealthCare System: Emily led professional development initiatives, advocating for evidence-based practice and lifelong learning among nursing staff.


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus - A program renowned for its rigorous curriculum and comprehensive training in clinical practice.
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with a specialization in Nursing Education from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing - Completing her MSN in 2015, Emily focused on the principles of adult education, curriculum development, and the integration of technology in teaching.


Emily applies her extensive clinical knowledge and educational expertise to ensure that the NCLEX prep materials are not only accurate but deeply relevant to the evolving field of nursing. Her critical eye for detail and commitment to evidence-based education empower nursing students to navigate their exam preparation with an unparalleled level of confidence and clarity.

Emily's vision for nursing education transcends the traditional boundaries of teaching. She advocates for a holistic approach that prepares students not just for the NCLEX but for a fulfilling career in nursing, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking, empathy, and lifelong learning. Through her contributions to Kevin's Review, Emily is shaping the future of nursing education, one student at a time.

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