ATI Testing NCLEX Prep Review: What Works & What Doesn’t

When prepping for the NCLEX, many people turn to ATI NCLEX Review. So did I. It’s a big resource that helps you get ready for the big test. 

Now, I’ll dive into what I liked and didn’t like about this course. From the personalized coaching to all the study materials they offer, I’ll break it down and give you the scoop. 

So, if you’re considering using ATI NCLEX for your prep, stick around, and let’s chat about it!

Overview Of ATI Testing NCLEX Prep

ATI Testing (Assessment Technologies Institute), founded in 1998, offers courses to support nursing students to pass their NCLEX exam. They use evidence-based technology to adapt the courses to each student’s needs and how they learn best.

Their online courses have many features, from audio lessons and videos to a big question bank and mobile apps. This mix of things helps ATI accommodate a broad spectrum of learning styles among its student body.

ATI ensures nursing students get ready for the NCLEX by using the latest tech and teaching methods. With these tools, you can feel more confident and prepared to start your nursing career.

ATI testing nclex dashboard

ATI Testing NCLEX Features

Before talking about my experience with this NCLEX review course, I’ll go over its outstanding features, including:

  • Instructors: You can chat with instructors for help and get personalized coaching.
  • Course features: PowerPoints, audio lessons, personalized calendar, one-on-one (individual) coaching, interactive activities, +500 practice questions, progress reports, a big test to see how ready you are, and apps.
  • Comprehensive learning: Covers everything from basics to advanced topics so you’re fully prepared.
  • RN & PN Preps
  • Virtual-ATI: It’s a 12-week online coaching program to guide you through your prep.
  • BoardVitals: Lots of NCLEX questions to help you practice.
  • Live & online options: You can choose how you want to learn, either live or online.
  • Remediation templates: Extra resources are available if you need more help in certain areas.

Next, let’s look at the pros and cons of this course!

ATI Testing NCLEX Pro & Cons


  • Comprehensive study materials, from textbooks to +500 practice questions
  • You get your coach to help you make a study plan and give you tips to do better.
  • You can study online from anywhere, whenever you want, which makes it easier to fit studying into your schedule.
  • Detailed report to show how you’re doing and where you need to improve


  • If you don’t talk to your coach for six weeks, you have to pay $75 to start using your account again.
  • Mainly uses audio PowerPoint presentations.
  • While you get personal coaching, you don’t get to talk to your coach in real time.

What I Like About ATI Testing NCLEX Prep?

Overall, ATI was a helpful resource to me. Let’s start with what impressed me most about this prep course. I believe you’ll like them, too!

1. Various Study Materials

What I appreciated about ATI’s study materials was the variety. Whether you prefer studying online or with pen and paper, ATI makes it easy to find what works best.

They offered a mix of traditional and modern resources so I could choose what worked best for me. 

First, their online bookshelf was like having a library at my fingertips. 

It had everything from textbooks to study guides, giving me easy access to all the information I needed to succeed. No matter where I was, I could dive into the online bookshelf and brush up on essential nursing topics.

Their audio PowerPoint presentations were another big help. These presentations brought concepts to life with visual and auditory cues, making it easier to understand and remember important information. 

And let’s not forget about the practice questions: over 500! These were a lifesaver when it came to testing my knowledge and getting ready for the exam with practice questions covering a wide range of topics and difficulty levels.

ATI also provided two apps with more practice questions and flashcards. These apps were super handy because I could study on the go, whether waiting for the bus or taking a quick break between classes. 

In addition to all these digital resources, ATI also offered over 250 printable resources and online activities. They made studying more convenient, engaging, and effective. 

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2. Individual Coaching

One of ATI’s standout attributes is its commitment to personalized mentorship. Upon enrolling, I was assigned a mentor who became my guiding light throughout the NCLEX preparation process. 

My mentor wasn’t just a tutor; he was a seasoned nurse educator with a wealth of experience and knowledge. He possessed seven years of teaching experience and a master’s degree in nursing education. 

Unlike generic study guides or mass lectures, my mentor tailored the study plan to address my strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. 

He took the time to understand my unique needs, crafting a roadmap that optimized my study efforts. If I had questions or concerns about my study plan, I could reach out to my coach for guidance and support.

Furthermore, study sessions were not merely about reviewing content but also about assessing my readiness for the exam. 

My mentor provided constructive feedback, identified areas for improvement, and offered strategies to overcome any challenges I encountered along the way.

Then, the Green Light system was a real confidence booster. When my mentor gave me the green light, it meant I did well in the course and was ready for the exam.

3. Assessments, Diagnostics, And Metrics

ATI’s provision of detailed analytical and diagnostics reports was a game-changer. After each assessment, I received a comprehensive report outlining my performance across various nursing concepts. 

It delved deep into my strengths and weaknesses, highlighting specific areas where I excelled and others where I needed more focus. Hence, I could pinpoint which concepts to review further and allocate my study time more effectively.

Moreover, I had weekly assessments. These tests mirrored the format and difficulty level of the exam. They were about evaluating my knowledge and opportunities for targeted practice. 

After each assessment, besides resorts, I received personalized feedback from my coach; these even provided me with actionable steps to address my weaknesses and build upon my strengths.

So, instead of wasting time on topics I mastered, I could concentrate on areas where I needed the most improvement.

You can find this feature on the ATI online study portal. There, you can access your diagnostic reports, assessment scores, and personalized study recommendations. 

4. Study Calendar

Each week, my coach designed a study calendar that aligned with the material covered in the course and targeted areas where I needed the most improvement. 

One of the benefits of this study calendar was its ability to alleviate the overwhelming stress of preparing for the NCLEX. As someone who tends to be more stress-prone, knowing what to study and when was a tremendous relief. 

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of material, I could approach my studies confidently (because I had a clear plan).

Moreover, this calendar provided me with a sense of structure and accountability. Each week, I received a detailed breakdown of what topics to focus on, how much time to allocate to each subject, and when to complete practice assessments. 

So I could stay organized and disciplined in my study routine. I could study smarter, not harder, saving me time and energy in the long run.

5. Virtual Review

I had a virtual review at the end of the twelve weeks in the ATI course. 

This review was like a trial run before the actual exam. It gave me a chance to experience what the real test would be like, from the types of questions to the time limits. 

Give faculty visibility by predicting student preparedness for NCLEX
Virtual ATI & Boardvitals

This practice helped me feel more comfortable and less nervous about the exam. As I answered questions and applied what I learned, I felt more and more sure of myself. 

During the review, I got instant feedback on how I was doing. This feedback helped me see where I was strong and where I needed more practice. 

After the virtual review, I spent time going over the areas where I needed more practice. As a result, I felt ready and prepared when I walked into the exam room.

What I Didn’t Like About ATI NCLEX NCLEX Prep?

There were a couple of things that I didn’t like much about ATI. The reactivation fee policy and reliance on audio-only presentations could have been better.

Reactivation Fee

First, there’s this policy about reactivation fees. If you go six weeks without talking to your coach or tutor, your account will be inactive. 

It’s supposed to be helpful for people who need a break, but if you take over six weeks off, you have to pay $75 to get back into your account; that seemed kind of harsh to me. 

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes you need more than six weeks to deal with things. Paying to reactivate your account adds more stress, especially since you’ve already spent a lot on the program.

Audio Lessons

Another thing that bothered me was how ATI mostly uses audio PowerPoint presentations instead of video lectures. 

Sure, the presentations cover the material, but they’re not as engaging or convenient as video lectures. In today’s world, where video content is everywhere, sticking to audio-only presentations feels outdated. 

Video lectures are more interactive and help you understand things better because you can see what’s explained. Plus, you can watch them whenever and on any device you like, which is more convenient than audio-only presentations.

What Others Say About ATI Testing On Reddit?

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Most people who have taken this course have had a positive experience and passed the exam. Many people don’t even use any other resources. So, you can completely trust this course.

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ATI Testing NCLEX Prep Pricing

ATI NCLEX offers various pricing options for its review courses, catering to new and existing users and those in different regions. Let’s break down the pricing for each course:

Virtual-ATI: $295 – $525 

These courses are priced higher due to the comprehensive online materials and access to a virtual coach, offering personalized support throughout the study journey. The good news is existing users benefit from discounted rates.

BoardVitals Prep: $69

These courses offer a more budget-friendly option, providing access to a database of practice questions through an on-demand virtual quiz engine. 

While these options may lack the personalized support of a virtual coach, they still offer valuable practice and review opportunities at a lower price point.

Is ATI Testing NCLEX Prep Worth It?

Yes. There’s no reason to say No when it helped me pass the exam. However, it may not be for everyone. Based on my experience, you may benefit from this course if:

  • You prefer a structured studying approach and want diverse resources. ATI NCLEX offers various study materials, including textbooks, practice questions, and interactive activities.
  • You thrive with personal support and benefit from a mentor to guide you through your study journey. One of the best features of ATI NCLEX is experienced educators’ personalized coaching.
  • You need flexibility in your study schedule and prefer the convenience of online learning. ATI offers flexible delivery options, allowing you to study on-demand and access materials from any device.

Also, it’s vital to consider the cost. Compare the pricing of ATI NCLEX with other review courses and resources to determine if it fits within your budget. Consider additional fees, such as reactivation fees, when assessing the overall cost for NCLEX exam.

Wrap Up

ATI Testing NCLEX Prep is a worthwhile studying resource. It offers personalized coaching and many study materials to help you prepare for the NCLEX exam. But the reactivation fee and the old-school presentation style might bug you. 

Just weigh the pros and cons I talked about and decide if it fits the bill for you!