Simple Nursing NCLEX Review: Will It Help You Pass The Exam?

You are probably wondering if the Simple Nursing NCLEX Review is the real deal when it comes to passing the big NCLEX exam, right? Well, let me tell you, I’ve been there, done that, and put this course to the test myself. 

I dove into their study materials to try out their practice questions and study plans. So, I know whether it’s worth your time and money. Keep scrolling because I’ll share my experience using it shortly!

Simple Nursing NCLEX Dashboard

An Overview Of Simple Nursing NCLEX

Simple Nursing, founded in 2012, is an online platform for nursing students getting ready for the NCLEX. It has video lessons breaking down tough nursing topics into easy parts to help you remember important information.

One big focus of Simple Nursing is pharmacology, which is often hard for students. It explains drugs in detail and uses tricks to make it easier to remember.

This course has practice questions similar to those on the NCLEX, this helps you see how well you understand the material. The platform also gives study plans to help you organize your learning. 

My In-depth Reviews Of Simple Nursing NCLEX

With Simple Nursing’s strategies and comprehensive study materials, I was able to pass the NCLEX with flying colors, answering only 85 questions. I’ll share all my experiences of using this course in this section (both good and bad aspects). 

Let’s check!

1. Video Lectures & Explanations

Overall, I found the platform incredibly beneficial. 

I appreciate that their videos live up to their simplifying complex topic reputation. I loved the catchy songs and memorable phrases because they made even the most daunting subjects more manageable. 

I found the endocrine and pharmacology videos helpful. The clear explanations and clever memory aids helped me grasp these challenging topics.

However, while there is a good selection of videos covering most topics, I encountered some issues within the video library. 

Firstly, there are older videos with poor-quality sound and pictures. Also, I want the video library’s organization to be improved. It was sometimes challenging to find specific topics (especially when searching for content related to a particular subject area).

In some of the videos, Nurse Mike occasionally veered off on short tangents unrelated to the main topic focus. While I understand that nursing is a vast field and there is a lot to cover, these tangents felt distracting and unnecessary.

However, I know this issue happens because updating content is costly and time-consuming, and maintaining access to previous material may benefit some users. 

A Video Lecture Of Simple Nursing

2. Visual Aids

One of the best parts of Simple Nursing was how it used pictures, diagrams, and animations to help me learn nursing concepts better. Instead of just reading stuff, I felt like I was getting involved in learning. 

Nurse Mike’s way of teaching was good, and when you combined that with the visuals, studying became fun and easy. 

The diagrams and flowcharts were helpful because they showed the steps of different nursing procedures or explained how diseases work clearly.

The animations were another great thing about this course. They made things like how our bodies work or how medicines affect our understanding. 

Watching these animations helped me imagine how things happen in real life, which made it easier to remember them for the exam.

These animations were funny, but it would have been even better if I could interact with them, like answering questions or moving things around. That way, I could have been even more involved in learning.

Sometimes, the diagrams or pictures weren’t clear, especially when the topic was complicated. It would have been great to have more detailed explanations in these cases.

Despite these issues, Simple Nursing’s visual aids were a big reason why I passed the exam. They helped me understand challenging nursing concepts and remember them when it mattered most. 

Visual Aids Of Simple Nursing
Visual Aids Of Simple Nursing

3. Pharmacology Focus

This platform focused on teaching us about different drugs and how they work in the body. One thing I liked was how Simple Nursing explained pharmacology in detail. 

Nurse Mike broke down complicated drug stuff into simpler parts, which made it easier for me to understand. Whether it was learning about different types of drugs or their effects on the body, Simple Nursing made it clear and easy to follow.

This course also uses memory tricks called mnemonics to help me remember drug names, side effects, and other essential details. They were super helpful and made studying pharmacology more fun.

Yet, one issue was that this course didn’t always go into enough detail on specific topics. Sometimes, I wished they had explained things more thoroughly, especially when it came to complex drug interactions or newer medications.

Simple Nursing’s Pharmacology Focus
Simple Nursing’s Pharmacology Focus

4. Practice Questions

After completing each practice question, I could review the rationale to understand why the correct answer was right and why the incorrect options were wrong. 

They helped me identify gaps in my knowledge and reinforce my understanding of vital concepts. The video rationales were beneficial, as they provided visual explanations that complemented the written rationales and helped me grasp complex concepts.

One of the benefits of using Simple Nursing’s practice questions was that they tested my knowledge and ensured that I knew my stuff. 

There were times when I thought I understood a topic, only to realize through the practice questions that I still had gaps in my understanding. 

They allowed me to focus my study efforts on areas where I needed improvement and better prepare for the exam.

While there was a wide range of questions available, I found that some topics were covered in more depth than others; this meant that I had to supplement my studies with additional resources to ensure that I adequately prepared for all areas of the exam.

There were times when I found rationales to be overly verbose or repetitive. They were okay to me, but some may prefer a more concise and streamlined approach.

A Practice Question On Simple Nursing
A Practice Question On Simple Nursing

5. Individual Study Plans

I like Simple Nursing’s study plans because of their personalized nature. The platform offered a plan carefully curated for each student based on data from their adaptive assessments. 

With this feature, I didn’t have to worry about figuring out what to study or when to study it because this course did all the work for me. 

The personalized study plan took into account my strengths and weaknesses, as identified through the adaptive assessment exam, and provided a tailored roadmap for my NCLEX preparation.

My study plans were well-organized and easy to follow. Each study plan outlined specific tasks to be completed daily or weekly with recommendations for review and practice. 

This feature helped me break down my preparation into manageable chunks and ensured I stayed on track with my study goals.

Having a structured study plan was incredibly helpful in reducing my stress and anxiety levels. We all know that the NCLEX is overwhelming, and knowing what and when to study helped alleviate some pressure. 

While the platform provided a recommended study schedule, I could adjust the plan based on my schedule and preferences, whether it was balancing work, school, or other responsibilities.

You can review their study plan on Youtube:

Study Plans On Simple Nursing
Study Plans On Simple Nursing

6. User Interface (UI)

The platform’s UI is designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. I found the platform intuitive and easy to navigate when I logged in. 

The layout was uncluttered and clean, with clearly labeled buttons and menus that helped me find what I needed. I could easily access video lectures, practice questions, and study resources; everything was just a click away.

The organization of the study materials was excellent. The platform neatly categorized the content into different sections, making it easy for me to locate specific topics or resources. 

Whether I wanted to review pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, or maternity care, I could quickly find the relevant materials without sifting through endless pages of content. 

Additionally, I never experienced any lag or technical glitches while using the platform. The videos streamed smoothly, the practice questions loaded quickly, and the interactive features worked seamlessly.

What Others Say About Simple Nursing?

This course received 96% 5-star reviews on Trustpilot with rave reviews. It has helped many people pass the exam with high scores. Most people appreciate its course organization. Let’s read some recent reviews!

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Simple Nursing Pros And Cons


  • Video lectures simplify complex nursing concepts into easily understandable explanations.
  • Comprehensive study materials with various resources, including videos, practice questions, and study plans.
  • Detailed explanations and mnemonic tools to master pharmacology.
  • +3,000 NCLEX questions with rationales.
  • Helpful individual study plans
  • User-friendly interface
  • Allows users to adjust study plans and customize their learning experience.


  • Some older videos have poor-quality sound/pictures and lack organization.
  • Lack of depth in specific topics
  • The search function could be more robust for easier content retrieval.

Simple Nursing Cost

Simple Nursing Cost
Simple Nursing Cost

Simple Nursing provides flexibility in subscription duration. You can choose between different plans based on your study timeline and budget.

  • The most cost-effective option is the 90-day subscription, priced at $66 per month. 
  • For users with a shorter study timeline, this course offers a 60-day subscription priced at $75/month.
  • Finally, this course offers a monthly subscription option priced at $99/month. This plan has maximum flexibility, allowing you to subscribe monthly without any long-term commitment. 

While the monthly subscription is the most expensive option, it may be suitable for individuals who prefer a short-term study plan or who only need access to Simple Nursing’s resources for a limited time.

Whichever option you choose, you can access high-quality study materials and resources designed to help them succeed on the NCLEX.

Is Simple Nursing Worth Your Money? 

The short answer is yes. It helped me pass the exam with 85 questions.

  • If you learn better with visuals, Simple Nursing’s videos and pictures can make studying fun. They use tricks to help you remember things, which is helpful if you find studying hard.
  • If you want everything you need for studying in one place, this course has videos, practice questions, and plans personalized for you. It saves you time looking for study stuff everywhere else.
  • It lets you choose how long you want to subscribe. So it fits your schedule and budget. You can pick a plan that works for you, whether you want a lot of time to study or just a little.

But this course might not be suitable for everyone. 

If you prefer reading to watching videos or don’t have much money to spend, you might find other study resources better. Also, if you master nursing knowledge and need a quick review, Simple Nursing might be too much.

Wrap Up

Simple Nursing NCLEX Review has engaging video lectures, practice questions, and personalized plans. So, you’ll have a reliable prep course for your exam. 

While there are no guarantees of passing the NCLEX, it gives you all the tools and resources to stack the odds in your favor. 

So, if you’re ready to work and take your NCLEX prep to the next level, Simple Nursing is worth checking out.