NCLEX Review Criteria

Find out how we sift through NCLEX prep resources, focusing on content quality, ease of use, and value for money. Dive into our methodology for more insights.

Our mission is to provide prospective NCLEX candidates and nursing students with the most reliable and insightful reviews of courses and books. Our unique, student-centered methodology ensures that each review is based on objective assessments, incorporating reputable data and first-hand user experiences to guide you in making the most informed decisions for your NCLEX preparation.

About the Data We Use

At Kevin’s Review, our comprehensive evaluation process is fueled by a rich array of data sources, ensuring our reviews are both robust and reflective of real-world experiences. Our approach to gathering data encompasses publicly available information, insights directly from publishers and course providers, and valuable feedback from our diverse user base. Specifically, we include:

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and College Navigator

Hosted by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), for authoritative data on educational institutions offering nursing programs. These platforms offer a wealth of statistical information that helps us understand the broader context of nursing education.

Publisher and Provider Data

For the latest, most detailed information directly from the entities behind NCLEX preparation books and courses. This direct line to publishers and providers ensures that our reviews reflect the most current offerings, including any new editions, updates to course content, or changes in platform features.

User Feedback and Reviews

Gathered from verified students who have engaged with these NCLEX resources firsthand. This feedback comes from a variety of channels, including our own website, forums, and direct surveys, offering nuanced insights into the practical application and efficacy of each resource.

Feedback from NCLEX Review Centers and Course Reviews

Collected from reputable NCLEX preparation centers and online course reviews. This additional layer of feedback allows us to gauge the effectiveness of specific courses and study materials as reported by participants in structured review programs. These insights are particularly valuable as they often include comparative analysis and outcomes from students who have taken the NCLEX after engaging with these resources.

Our method integrates factual data with real-world experiences, providing well-rounded reviews that guide users to make informed choices.

We emphasize the importance of current information. Thus, all data in our reviews come from publicly available sources or direct acquisitions, and we regularly update our content to reflect the most recent data. The latest update was in December 2023, ensuring our reviews for 2024 are based on the freshest information, from user feedback to new editions of NCLEX materials. This process keeps our guidance relevant and reliable for NCLEX candidates.

Breakdown of Our Review Methodology

Our reviews are structured around the metrics we believe matter most to students assessing prospective NCLEX prep resources: content quality, usability, affordability, and student outcomes. We create a unique formula that weighs these factors, subdividing them into specific criteria for a thorough evaluation.

Content Quality


Evaluates whether the book or course covers all the necessary topics outlined by the NCSBN’s test plan for the NCLEX.


Assesses the factual correctness of the content, including up-to-date nursing practices and guidelines.


Considers how effectively the material is presented, making complex information accessible and understandable.


Format and Access

Looks at the ease of access to the material (e.g., digital, print, online platform) and the user-friendliness of the format.

Additional Features

Evaluates the presence of supplementary tools such as practice questions, simulations, and mobile app support.


Evaluates interactive features like quizzes and flashcards that enhance user engagement and learning.



Compares the price of the resource against its perceived value based on content quality and supplemental features.

Financial Aid and Offers

Notes the availability of discounts, bundled packages, or financial aid options for students.

Subscription Flexibility

Looks at flexible payment options, such as monthly plans or the ability to pause subscriptions, fitting various budgets and study timelines.

Student Outcomes

Pass Rates

Where available, examines reported pass rates of students who used the resource to prepare for the NCLEX.

User Satisfaction

Summarizes overall student satisfaction based on reviews and feedback, focusing on the material’s impact on their exam preparation and confidence.

Career Advancement

Assesses how well the resource supports users in achieving career growth or advancement opportunities post-NCLEX, including job placement services or professional networking features.

Transparency in Our Review Criteria

Kevin’s Review is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency in our review process. NCLEX prep courses and books cannot pay for a spot in our reviews or influence their rankings.

Our aim is to prioritize the student experience and the value of the resources we review, ensuring that our methodology serves as a reliable guide for your NCLEX preparation journey.

Dr. Cheryl Ross

For a detailed look at the process behind our reviews and to understand how we apply data to evaluate NCLEX prep resources, we invite you to explore further information on our methodology, including specific examples and insights from our review team.

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