Archer NCLEX Review: Is It A Reliable NCLEX Review Course?

Archer Review NCLEX dashboard

Today, we’re diving into Archer Review to know if it’s a trustworthy course for NCLEX prep. 

I’ll break it down piece by piece, chatting about my experience using it, how much it costs, and what other students have to say about it. 

By the end of this review, you’ll have a clearer picture of whether Archer Review is the right fit for your NCLEX prepration. Let’s get started!

Overview Of Archer Review

Archer Review, founded in 2008, helps nursing and medical students prepare for NCLEX and USMLE exams. Their team includes certified doctors and nurse educators who provide top-notch review programs.

Initially, they focused on clinical case workshops for USMLE students but later expanded to cover NCLEX and USMLE exams. 

Archer Review offers education and tools for students to pass these exams without paying a fortune. They also want to make sure students feel confident as new nurses.

For NCLEX prep, Archer Review offers courses for both RN and PN exams. You can choose between on-demand video lectures or live sessions. All have affordable prices and effective methods.

Archer Offers Courses For Both RN And PN Exams
Archer Offers Courses For Both RN And PN Exams

Who’s Archer Review For?

Similar to Simple Nursing in affordability, Archer Review is perfect for nursing students who want to prepare for the NCLEX without spending too much money. It’s great if you’re on a tight budget because it’s affordable, usually costing less than a couple hundred bucks.

Besides, if you’re a student who learns best by doing, Archer Review is for you. Instead of sitting through long lectures or reading boring textbooks, Its course will lets you practice thousands of NCLEX-style questions. This way, you learn by doing the work, which can be more effective for some people.

The NCLEX exam can be challenging, with different types of questions. Archer Review helps you get ready for these by giving you practice with all sorts of question types with strategies and tips for answering them effectively

Comprehensive Analysis For Archer Review

Archer Review is renowned for its extensive Question Bank. It has a plethora of practice problems accompanied by detailed rationales. More over, Archer Review excels in providing a targeted NCLEX prep experience with its specialized focus on next-generation questions, setting it apart from alternatives like The Princeton Review, Uworld or Kaplan.

In addition to its robust practice material, Archer Review prep course provides bonus review tools to enhance students’ understanding and retention of key concepts. 

Throughout this review, I’ll analyze essential categories for evaluating a practicing prep course. From the practice problems’ realism to the quality of review tools, I’ll explore each aspect meticulously. 

1. Question Bank + CAT 

Question Bank + CAT from Archer Review
Question Bank + CAT

Archer Review is famous for their QBanks; they did not disappoint. There are tons of questions in the Question Bank: over 2900!

While Kaplan also boasts an extensive question bank, Archer’s emphasis on next-generation NCLEX questions and personalized feedback stands out as a unique feature, offering a different kind of value proposition to students.

With this QBank, I had lots of practice material to work with. There are also 800 specialized NGN questions, which helped me focus on specific topics.

I liked that Archer Review’s courses included 40% SATA questions. We all know that this question type is challenging, but believe me, I’ve compiled a detailed guide on how to effectively tackle them.

More over, practicing them on Archer Review’s platform will make you feel more confident. Over time, I felt increasingly adept at deciphering and responding to these complex question types.

What’s great is that I could customize my practice tests. If I wanted to focus on specific topics or do timed tests to simulate the exam, Archer Review let me do that. And after each question, I got feedback to understand why I got it right or wrong.

The CAT feature was one of the best parts. It works like the real NCLEX exam, adjusting question difficulty based on how you’re doing. 

Whenever I started, the first question was usually a bit of a softball. I mean, nothing too challenging. When I got it right, the next question ramped up the difficulty a bit. But when I missed it, the next one got a bit easier.

I found this whole setup super interesting because it felt like the test was personalized to me. The CAT was figuring out my strengths and weaknesses on the fly and tailoring the questions to match.

However, one issue was the occasional repetition of questions within the question bank. While repetition can benefit reinforcement, encountering the same questions multiple times sometimes feels redundant.

Benefits Of Using Archer
Benefits Of Using Archer

2. NCLEX Problem’s Realism

When preparing for the NCLEX exam, having access to realistic practice questions is crucial, and Archer Review did not disappoint in this regard.

One of the standout features of Archer Review’s practice questions is their striking resemblance to real problems on the exam. 

The questions mirror the difficulty, content, and format of actual NCLEX questions. I couldn’t distinguish between Archer Review’s questions and those from official NCLEX prep materials. 

I appreciate this high level of similarity, knowing that I practice with questions that closely resemble what I would encounter on the exam.

Furthermore, Archer Review provides diverse practice problems, including many NGN question types. These include SATA, hotspot items, and ordered responses, among others. 

In addition to the realism of individual practice questions, It offers many practice work, including unlimited exams. These simulated exams allow me to gauge my readiness for the NCLEX exam under exam-like conditions. 

An aspect that could be improved is the diversity of case scenarios presented in the practice questions. While Archer Review covers various content areas, some specific clinical scenarios were not as extensively represented as others. 

Including a more diverse range of case scenarios would enhance the overall comprehensiveness of the practice questions. At the same time, they better prepare students for the varied scenarios they may encounter on the exam.

3. Problem Rationales

Problem Rationales
Problem Rationales

My journey with Archer NCLEX review’s problem rationales was enlightening and occasionally frustrating. Let me tell you my experience with what worked well and what fell short!

First off, let’s talk about what’s good. The rationales provided by Archer Review are generally comprehensive and informative. 

They offer detailed explanations for both correct & incorrect choices. This depth of explanation helped clarify concepts and enriched my understanding of the material. 

Delving into these rationales amplified my study sessions as they provided valuable insights that enhanced my grasp of NCLEX topics.

Another highlight is the multimedia integration within the rationales. Archer Review seamlessly incorporates images, charts, tables, and videos to supplement the explanations. 

I appreciate this multimedia approach because it ensures a holistic understanding of each practice question, catering to different learning styles. The visual aids not only reinforce vital concepts but also facilitate retention.

Furthermore, clear video explanations for each question are a standout feature. These videos can enhance your understanding. They provide visual demonstrations and walkthroughs of problem-solving strategies. 

I found the visual method employed by Archer Review to be particularly effective in reinforcing concepts and preparing me for the exam. It made complex topics more accessible and easier to digest.

However, there were instances where I found the rationales to be lacking. While most explanations provided decent depth, some fell short in terms of detail and elaboration. Specifically, I noticed that some rationales only had a few sentences. 

Moving forward, I believe enhancing the consistency and depth of rationales will further elevate Archer Review’s effectiveness as an NCLEX preparation resource.

4. Content Review

Content Review
Content Review

Finally, let’s talk about Archer Review courses’s content review tools!

One of the standout features is its comprehensive library of video lessons

These webinars cover all high-yield topics, helping students revisit essential concepts and refresh their understanding at their own pace. I found these video lessons to help reinforce challenging concepts and fill gaps in my knowledge.

Additionally, Archer offers printable handouts and notes totaling around 250 pages. These resources proved to be valuable supplements to the video lessons. These printable materials allowed me to review vital content even offline, which was incredibly convenient.

Furthermore, Archer’s on-the-go access is a plus. With seamless mobile access, you can dive into NCLEX prep anytime and anywhere. Such features naturally invite comparisons with leading courses like UWorld or Simple Nursing.

Whether you’re commuting, waiting for an appointment, or having some downtime, having access to review materials on your mobile device ensures you can make the most of your study time, no matter where you are.

Compared to other NCLEX review programs such as ATI Testing, Kaplan,… Archer Review’s individual coaching and targeted practice materials align closely with the personalized approach. However, Archer distinguishes itself with a more flexible and accessible platform, catering to a wide range of learning styles and preferences, offering an appealing alternative for students who prioritize a customized study experience.

Yet, there are some drawbacks to consider. While the content itself is solid and covers the necessary topics, the production quality of the videos leaves something to be desired. 

Overall, my experience with Archer’s content review tools was generally positive, with its extensive library of video lessons and affordability being highlighted. 

What Others Say About Archer NCLEX Review?

Let’s hear from others about their Archer NCLEX experiences!

Review from Ikerrr21 in 02/24/2023 for Archer Review Prep Course
Review from Ever_athena in 05/24/2023 for Archer Review Prep Course in NGN NCLEX
Review from lowywonder in 02/10/2024 for Archer Review Prep Course

Overall, most other users had positive experiences and said that Archer NCLEX helped them pass this exam. They all appreciated Archer’s videos and explanation of the problem.

Yet, a few users did not pass after taking Archer Review’s courses and were dissatisfied with their experience.

Review from yasefaye in 04/02/2023 for Archer Review Prep Course didn't help user pass exam

I think everyone’s experience is different. Whether or not you pass the exam depends not only on the course but also on your study plan. Archer has some shortcomings. I admit. But it’s helpful.

Archer NCLEX Review Pricing

When evaluating affordability, Archer Review emerges as more budget-friendly compared to Hurst‘s comprehensive review programs. It offers a variety of pricing options tailored to meet the needs of different students. 

The pricing structure can seem complex due to the multitude of packages available, each with varying offerings and access periods.

Yet, for those looking for a standard QBank with two months of access, the cost is approximately $90.

Also, Archer Review offers webinars for specific topics such as cardiology, pharmacology, and safety & infection control, priced at $10 each with 30 days of access.

Full-length review webinars, suitable for students seeking a detailed review of all content, are available for $79. These webinars can be attended live over two days or accessed on-demand for 40 hrs of material.

Moreover, It provides discounted combo packages ranging from $90 to $400, with a mix of products such as QBank, and webinars with varying access periods.

Archer Review Pros & Cons


  • Offers different pricing options that fit different budgets.
  • Over 2500 RN and 700 PN questions to help you prepare for the exam with CAT.
  • Provides clear explanations for both right and wrong answers, which helps understand better.
  • You can make your practice tests based on what you need to study.
  • Includes videos, pictures, and charts to help you learn better.
  • You can access Archer’s study materials on your phone or tablet.


  • The quality of the videos isn’t always the best.
  • A lot of different packages, which can make it hard to figure out what’s the best deal for you.
  • Some explanations are too brief and don’t give enough detail.
  • Sometimes, you might see the same questions again, which can get boring.

Is An Archer NCLEX Review Worth It?

Is An Archer Review NCLEX Worth It

Yes, an Archer Review course is worth it, especially if you aim to pass the NCLEX on your first attempt and kickstart your nursing career promptly. 

Considering that the NCLEX exam costs $200 per attempt and has a waiting period of 45 days for retakes if you fail, being unprepared can result in financial and time-related setbacks.

Many top schools provide NCLEX review courses to their students because they recognize the effectiveness of such programs in ensuring high pass rates. 

So, investing in a reputable NCLEX review course like Archer Review can increase your chances of passing the exam.

This course provides comprehensive preparation, covering all essential topics and offering practice questions and strategies tailored to the NCLEX format. 

By investing in Archer Review, you’re investing in your future success as a nurse and minimizing the risk of delays and extra expenses associated with exam retakes.

Wrap Up

Archer Review is a solid choice for prepping for the NCLEX exam. They have tons of study materials and practice questions galore. Also, they won’t break the bank. 

Sure, there might be minor hiccups, like some videos not looking top-notch and their pricing being confusing. But overall, students seem to dig it, and it’s got a solid track record. 

So, if you’re looking for a reliable NCLEX review course that won’t empty your wallet, Archer Review’s worth considering!