Hurst NCLEX Review: Will It Help You Pass The Exam?

Are you gearing up to conquer the NCLEX and considering the Hurst Review? Well, I’ve been in your shoes and put it to the test. Now, I have some insights to share. 

I know you’re curious whether this course lives up to the hype. In this article, I’ll spill the beans on my personal experience with it, with feedback from other users. Let’s dive into this honest analysis of Hurst Review!

Overview Of Hurst Review

Overview Of Hurst Review

Marlene Hurst established Hurst Review in 1988 after getting her MSN from Mississippi University. She’s certified as an Adult & Family Nurse Practitioner, a Critical Care Nursing Practitioner, and many other positions.

Hurst noticed a lack of resources for nursing students preparing for the NCLEX. So, she developed NCLEX prep courses using a judgment approach based on the latest test plan from the NCSBN.

Hurst Review offers courses for both RN and PN exams. Their main goal is to help nursing students pass their exams on their first try. 

With Marlene Hurst’s expertise and dedication, the company continues to support aspiring nurses, ensuring they’re well-prepared for licensure and success in their careers.

In-depth Reviews Of Hurst Review

In-depth Analysis Of Hurst Review
In-depth Analysis Of Hurst Review

I spent hours watching Hurst Review’s videos, going through their materials, tackling NCLEX tests, and testing their digital platform. I left no stone unturned! 

And if you’re thinking about their live classes, this review applies to that, too. Let’s dive into my reviews!

1. Practice Materials

While Archer Review offers an impressive array of NGN-focused questions, Hurst Review distinguishes itself with a broader variety of question formats, catering to a more comprehensive exam preparation.

First, there were a lot of practice questions in the Qbank: over 1,500 in total. This was great for practicing and understanding the essential concepts. Also, over 30% of these questions were in different formats.

I liked that I could choose between flashcards or quizzes when studying. It made it easier to study in a way that worked for me. Hurst Review’s courses also had four tests, which gave a good idea of what the real test would be like. 

The workbook, library, case studies, and must-know content option helped summarize important terms and strategies for the NCLEX. It also has a YouTube channel with NCLEX content, which was a resource for review.

Practice Materials
Practice Materials

2. Live Classes (Hurst N-Stream & Hurst Live)

While Kaplan offers live instruction in an online-only format, Hurst Review provides the added option of in-person classes. My experience with the live classes was generally good. The best part was having access to experienced instructors face-to-face. 

They were helpful and easy to talk to. Being able to ask questions during and after class helped me understand the material better.

The classes were like a boot camp, which I liked. Instead of dragging them out over weeks, they crammed all the classwork into three intense days. 

Each day was 7 hours long. It was a lot to take in, but it meant I got through everything quicker; this was great for people with busy schedules or those who needed to take the exam soon.

The workbook they gave us was also helpful. It had everything we needed to study for the NCLEX exam. It helped me organize my study time and focus on the most important things.

However, the way they taught the classes could be improved. The instructors mostly just led us through filling out the workbook. 

While it was informative, it got boring after a while. They could make the classes more interactive to keep students engaged.

Live Classes
Live Classes

3. Content Review & Video Lessons 

Talking about content review and video lessons, I appreciate the delivery format. The videos are modern and visually appealing, with sharp graphics and an on-screen instructor. 

Hurst’s content review and video lessons are delivered with a level of depth and clarity that surpasses the offerings of Simple Nursing, making complex topics more accessible to all learners.

The vivid graphics add to the overall engagement and clarity of the material. This approach held my attention and enhanced my understanding of the content.

Moreover, the videos dive deeper into the material compared to other resources I’ve used. 

While following along with the accompanying workbook, I appreciated that the focus was more on the substance of the material rather than just going through the motions. The in-depth explanations in the videos helped me grasp complex concepts more thoroughly.

So, Hurst Review is the perfect fit if you value visually stunning graphics and a clean delivery style. The modern delivery format and in-depth coverage of the material make it a strong contender for those seeking a visually stimulating learning experience. 

However, while the visuals and delivery are impressive, the pacing of the lessons could sometimes feel rushed. Students need enough time to absorb the information and ask questions if needed. 

Content Review & Video Lessons
Content Review & Video Lessons

4. Problem Explanations

One great thing about the explanations is how detailed they are. For example, compared to ATI Testing, which focuses on concise rationales for efficient studying, Hurst provides in-depth explanations accompanied by visuals, catering to different learning styles.

They dive deep into each concept; this helped me understand the material better and prepare for the NCLEX exam.

I also liked that the explanations included fantastic visuals like graphics and diagrams. Almost every solution in Hurst Review has these visuals. They made it easier to understand challenging concepts and remember them later on.

However, they can be long and wordy. While the detail is good, sometimes, it can feel overwhelming to read through lengthy paragraphs. 

5. Digital Platform

Studying On Hurst Review
Studying On Hurst Review

While I appreciated their video lesson’s modern approach and sharp graphics, navigating their online program was more challenging than The Princeton Review‘s platform, known for its clarity and ease of use.

One of the main issues I encountered was the lack of clarity in how the study plan worked upon logging into the platform. 

It took some time to figure out the system and get into a rhythm with my studying. Things became easier once I got used to it, but the initial confusion was a drawback.

On the positive side, one aspect of the digital platform that I found helpful was the FAQ pages for each video lesson. These FAQs provided additional clarification and reinforcement of essential concepts. 

However, I found it inconvenient that clicking on the FAQ page took me away from the video; this disrupted my viewing experience. 

It would have been more user-friendly if the FAQ page opened on a new page, allowing me to refer to it while still learning.

Another issue I encountered was with the button for asking clinical questions about the video. While this feature was helpful for clarification, I found its implementation a bit clunky. 

If I paused the video and then pressed the button, it restarted the video instead of allowing me to ask a question. It was a minor annoyance, but it disrupted my flow of studying and added unnecessary frustration.

6. Pass Guarantees

Pass Guarantees
Pass Guarantees

The good news is Hurst Review has the pass guarantees

Not every prep company offers a pass guarantee. So, it was comforting to know that Hurst Review stands behind their materials and is committed to helping students succeed on their first attempt at these exams.

In the unfortunate event of failing the exam, Hurst Review provides two options: a one-time remediation course in 45 days or a full refund. These options are a safety net for students and demonstrate Hurst Review’s commitment to their success.

However, there are some stipulations. For example, you must notify them within 2 weeks of failing the NCLEX

While I fortunately did not need to utilize these options, having them available was a comforting fallback.

7. Access Period

On the package chosen, you’ll have access to the materials for either 30 days or 120 days. Here’s what I found:

Having different options for the access period is helpful because it lets you choose the one that suits your schedule best. 

If you need more time to study, you can go for the 120-day package. But if you have less time, you could choose the 30-day option for a quicker study plan. 

I chose the 30-day option; this access period gave me enough time to go over the material multiple times. 

However, 30 days may feel a bit short for some people. It might be okay if you’re in a hurry to take the exam, but it might feel rushed for others. In this case, just choose the 120-day option. 

What Others Say About Hurst Review on NCLEX?

Let’s hear what other students rated Hurst Review and see if they had the same experience as me!

Reviews from Corey:

Reviews from Corey:

Reviews from Mike:

Reviews from Mike:

Reviews from Amanda:

Reviews from Amanda:

Pricing & Course Options

Compared with UWorld, ATI and others, Hurst Review known for its high-quality question banks and detailed explanations, Hurst Review offers competitive pricing and added value through unique teaching methods and materials, making it a cost-effective choice for many students preparing for the NCLEX.

Hurst Review provides five options for NCLEX review, catering to different learning styles and preferences. Let’s break down their pricing and course options:

  • Hurst Qbank: From $99 to $109

This option offers access to the Qbank of +1500 RN questions ($109) and +1000 PN questions ($99) for 30 days. It includes quiz and flashcard mode styles, strategies, and detailed rationales. 

  • Hurst Now: From $239 to $249

This self-paced choice includes 90 days of access to Qbank content, with must-know content, readiness exams, a resource library, and expert support. 

Additionally, it features a study plan with six modules aimed at improving judgment skills and confidence in answering alternate questions. Pricing is $249 for NCLEX-RN and $239 for NCLEX-PN.

  • Hurst Now +: $339

Extending the Hurst Now option, this option offers 102 days of access to all its content. However, it’s only available for NCLEX-RN prep and costs $339.

  • Hurst N-Stream: From $275 to $399

This package provides 9 months of access to Hurst Now + content, with 3-day live-streamed lectures and 14 days of access to classes. It’s $399 for NCLEX-RN and $275 for NCLEX-PN.

  • Hurst Live: From $275 to $399

Similar to N-Stream, it also includes in-person lessons. However, the availability of these lessons depends on your location or willingness to travel. Pricing is the same as N-Stream: $399 for NCLEX-RN and $275 for NCLEX-PN.

Note: Hurst Review offers a free trial in 7 days without requiring payment information/credit card.

Hurst Review Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive study materials: 1,500 practice questions, quizzes, flashcards, and test-taking tips, covering all the vital stuff for the exam
  • Flexible study: You can pick between quizzes or flashcards when studying, making it easier to learn how you like.
  • Extra resources: workbook, summaries of vital content, and even a YouTube channel with NCLEX help
  • Pass Guarantee: Hurst Review promises you’ll pass the NCLEX on your first try. Otherwise, they’ll give you extra study time or your money back, giving you confidence in their program.


  • Practice questions could mix it up more with different types and difficulty levels.
  • The explanations for wrong answers could be better so you can understand why you got them wrong and learn from your mistakes.
  • It might take a bit to figure out how to get around the digital platform, especially understanding the study plan.

So, Is Hurst Review For You?

Is Hurst Review Suitable With You

Deciding if Hurst Review is the best fit for you depends on your preferences and needs. With its remarkable pass rate on the exam and guarantee, Hurst Review provides enticing options for those looking to prepare effectively and confidently.

Whether you thrive in independent study, prefer the structure of a classroom environment, or seek a blend of both, Hurst Review offers flexible options to accommodate various learning styles. 

Their comprehensive study materials, including practice questions, flashcards, and strategies, cater to diverse learning preferences.

Ultimately, the primary goal is to pass the exam on your first attempt. Hurst Review’s track record and commitment to student success make it a compelling option for many aspiring nurses. 

However, don’t forget to consider factors such as your budget, study preferences, availability, and the overall cost of the exam when choosing a prep course.

Remember, passing the NCLEX is a significant milestone on your journey to becoming a nurse. So, investing in a comprehensive prep course like this is crucial to kick-starting your nursing career confidently.

Wrap Up

From my experience, the Hurst Review is a game-changer when prepping for the NCLEX exam. I mean, the study materials are top-notch, and the flexibility it offers is super handy. 

There might be a few areas where it could step up its game, like adding more variety to the practice questions, but overall? Thumbs up all the way! 

So, give Hurst Review a shot because it might just be the secret weapon you need to ace that exam!