30 Free NCLEX Reviews and Resources [Updated 2024]

There’s nothing like free online material. Luckily, there are tons of free NCLEX websites on the internet. You just need to know where to look! Here is a definitive guide to all things online and free for the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX -PN!

Free NCLEX Practice Questions

NCLEX Questions are a great way to practice for the NCLEX online. They get you used to the style of the exam, as well as teaching you content when you read the rationales. You’re well on your way to becoming an RN.

Tip: If you want an unlimited supply of NCLEX questions and content with quality rationales, find a really good NCLEX book!

If you want free questions, you can find thousands of them here:

#1. NRSNG.com

The nice thing about these questions is that they are rated by category AND by difficulty. These seem like quality questions as well.

Its also offers a comprehensive set of NCLEX practice questions, with a focus on helping students understand the “why” behind each question. The site categorizes questions by both nursing category and difficulty level, making it easier for students to target their weak areas. The questions are crafted to mimic the NCLEX format, helping students become familiar with the question style and rigor.

#2. NursesLabs

This page has thousands of NCLEX questions arranged by category, and can be practiced in a really convenient way. No scrolling for answers, and they even give you rationales. It’s just a great place to practice for free!

#3. Amy’s Blog

Amy’s blog was set up in 2009, while she was in nursing school herself. Since then, she has posted over 1000 NCLEX-style questions with rationales on her blog.

The blog has grown to include over a thousand NCLEX-style questions, complete with rationales. The questions cover various topics and are a mix of difficulty levels, reflecting the diverse nature of the NCLEX exam.

#4. Quizlet Free NCLEX Questions

As if you aren’t buried in NCLEX questions already. Here’s a few thousand more. Quizlet lets users publish quizzes and practice questions. Did I say thousands of questions? I mean, literally, thousands in every subject imaginable. They are arranged as flashcards, so unfortunately, they don’t include detailed rationales.

#5. 150 NCLEX Questions PDF

I found this page recently, and was surprised when this .pdf actually had 150 NCLEX questions on it, all with rationales! The only drawback is that the rationales and explanations seem a bit hurried. But, it’s free!

#6. NCLEX 10K Question of the Day

This website provides you with one free question in your inbox per day if you sign up. You can easily connect your Facebook account and get some practice every day. These are questions licensed from Lippincott’s, a leader in nursing education materials. You can be sure of their quality.

Tip: You can get access to all 10,000 NCLEX-RN 10K questions for 65 dollars.

#7. Free NCLEX Question Blog

Here’s a site that posts questions originating from Kaplan. Analysis, strategies, and rationales are included.

This blog features questions inspired by Kaplan’s renowned NCLEX prep resources. It delves into analysis, strategies, and rationales for each question, aiming to build deeper understanding and strategic thinking, both of which are crucial for tackling the diverse and often tricky questions found on the NCLEX.

#8. Texas Nursing Schools Blog

Also check out this blog page. It lists links to some NCLEX gems including medications to monitor, more questions with rationales, body system visuals, tutorials, and more.

It’s a great place to find comprehensive materials and tips tailored to the NCLEX, all curated from a variety of reliable sources.

#9. TestPrepReview

This already popular site has NCLEX questions in many categories. Each set of questions is followed by an answer key, allowing students to check their responses. Simply choose any category and you’ll have a page full of NCLEX style questions! The answer keys are on the bottom.

#10. NCLEX Review Blogspot, by University of Miami NCLEX Review Instructor

Written by a nurse, this blog gives you straight-to-the-point content about subjects ranging from pharmacology to infectious diseases and more. Everything is clear and simple. You can learn a lot here.

#11. The Giant Anonymous Study Guide

Here’s an impressive study guide someone posted. It has tons of mnemonics, gets straight to the point, and teaches you a lot. It’s been passed around the internet for a while. Created by some kind soul who really wanted to help us nursing students out!

#12. Dani’s Blog

This is another blog written by a former nursing student! Dani published case studies, care plans, and teaches you how to prioritize and assess through the eyes of an experienced RN. The NCLEX tests your critical thinking. Dani’s blog will take you one step closer to thinking like a nurse!

#13. rnceus.com

These free courses offered by www.rnceus.com goes over the details of many of the most fundamental sets of labs: the CBC, urinalysis, renal, ABGs, and coagulation. Many other courses are also offered for free here. This site is intended for nurses seeking Continuing Education Credits, but there are quite a few courses that would help you on the NCLEX, as well! Here are some more:

#14. Understanding the CBC

This specific resource provides a detailed explanation of the Complete Blood Count (CBC) test, one of the most common laboratory tests in medical practice. It breaks down each component of the CBC and explains its clinical significance, helping students understand how these values affect patient care and how they might be tested on the NCLEX.

#15. Interpretation of ABGs

Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) interpretation is a fundamental skill in nursing, critical for managing patients with respiratory and metabolic issues. This resource provides a thorough breakdown of how to interpret ABGs, including the understanding of acid-base balance and the implications of different ABG values, which is essential knowledge for any aspiring nurse.

#16. Understanding Coagulation Tests

This guide dives into the various tests involved in assessing coagulation. It’s critical for students to understand these tests as they relate to patient conditions like clotting disorders, anticoagulant therapy, and other hematological issues. The resource breaks down complex concepts into understandable parts, making it a valuable study tool.

#17. Understanding Urinalysis

Urinalysis is a common diagnostic tool that provides vital information about urinary system health and overall patient status. This resource explains the components of urinalysis, what abnormalities might indicate, and how to interpret the results, providing a comprehensive overview for nursing students.

#18. Understanding Renal Function Tests

Renal function tests are crucial in assessing kidney health and diagnosing renal disorders. This resource covers the key tests used to measure renal function, including their purposes, how to interpret the results, and their relevance in patient care, making it an important study area for the NCLEX.

#19. Diabetes Treatment: Insulin and Oral Anti-diabetes Drugs

This section covers the treatment modalities for diabetes, focusing on insulin and oral antidiabetic drugs. It discusses different types of insulin, their pharmacokinetics, and how to manage patients on these medications. Additionally, it reviews oral diabetic medications, their mechanisms, and patient education points.

#20. Pharmacology Mnemonics by Nursing Education Consultants

This blogspot has picture after picture of high quality mnemonics. A mnemonic is any picture, phrase, or study tool that helps you remember things that aren’t easy to remember. If you need to study up on your drugs and NCLEX pharmacology, this is the ultimate source of mnemonics for you.

#21. tootRN with Jannah George

A very helpful blog, Jannah breaks down tough NCLEX strategies and concepts in an easy to follow manner. From there, you can check out her YouTube channel for even more videos!

#22. ALFA – Assisted Learning for All

Over 150 quality videos guiding you through nursing topics ranging from Arterial lines to taking manual blood pressures. Generously managed free of charge by Dr. Terri Whitt, and special thanks to various contributors of the videos as well.

#23. Hurst Review’s Free Material

Hurst Review provides free NCLEX and core content on its website. They give you three videos, a page of session notes, and 5 free NCLEX questions.The first video is kind of a ‘salesy’ video, but the next two are full of information about fluid retention, hypervolemia, heart failure, and pacreatitis. The five questions seem really professional with good rationales (as if they’d really be found on the NCLEX). After finishing, you just wish there were more questions and videos!

#24. Nurse Nacole’s Channel

Nurse Nacole releases videos for nursing students, new nurses, and of course, people studying for the NCLEX. Watch free strategies, tips, and lessons here. She also posts some NCLEX questions on her blog, NurseNacole.com.

#25. AllNursingNotes Channel

All Nursing Notes has more than a dozen videos on various subjects on the NCLEX including pharmacology, infection control, neuro, and cardiac.

#26. Anneliese’s Channel

Anneliese Garrison has been on the NCLEX Review scene helping tutor students, selling online review packages, and conducting seminars through her website Caring4You.Net. She also manages this YouTube channel with videos about prioritization, delegation, and reading EKGs.Tip: Anneliese has received over 20 positive reviews! Check out what other students have said about her teaching style and student support.

#27. NCLEX Reviewer with Rationales

This app is actually very good. The questions don’t seem overly simple (there are application questions, not just ones that test your knowledge) and the interface is easy to use. The rationales are very thorough (not one sentence like some other apps). Also included in rationales are exam strategies (how to arrive at each correct answer via elimination and prioritizing). All in all, one of the best truly free apps out there!

#28. NCLEX Mastery Lite

This “lite” version features more than 100 flashcards. NCLEX Mastery is an app that features quality mnemonics, pharmacology questions, and much more for your NCLEX Review. Although you do need to pay for their premium version to unlock all content, the free version is extremely easy to use and includes quality content. Check out their PN version as well!

Tip: Check out reviews for their paid app here. As of now, they charge about twenty-five dollars. People love them!

#29. NCLEX Flashcards App

  • The good: This app has tons of free content and information. It covers pharmacology, lab values, psychosocial integrity, safety and infection control, and more. And it’s all free!
  • The Not So Good: The information is displayed in a slightly difficult to read format, and the interface and what to press is confusing when in “study” mode. This app does not have NCLEX questions (it doesn’t claim to, it’s a flashcard app).

#30. The NCLEX 50 App

This app has 50 NCLEX questions with rationales. They offer more questions (over 1300) for a fee. The 50 questions are good, but most are knowledge questions, and some seem a bit too easy to answer. Still, it’s 50 questions you didn’t have before, and the rationales are pretty good.

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