Hurst Vs. UWorld: Which Program Is Better For You?

Are you struggling to choose between Hurst vs. UWorld for your NCLEX preparation? I’ve been there and understand how challenging it can be to decide. 

In this guide, I will compare the two to help you make an informed decision. Ready to explore the pros and cons of each platform? Let’s join me now!

Hurst Vs. UWorld: Overview

Before comprehensively comparing Hurst and UWorld, you should get an overview of the two programs. 

Hurst Review (or Hurst) is a comprehensive NCLEX review course emphasizing core content and critical thinking skills. Known for its Hurst Live review sessions, students can engage in live, instructor-led in-person or online classes.

Hurst also offers a Q Review, a series of challenging NCLEX-style exams, and a Core Content Review, a detailed review of essential nursing content.

On the other hand, UWorld is a highly interactive, NCLEX-focused review course known for its challenging questions and detailed explanations. With over 2000 practice questions, it provides an extensive bank of items that closely mimic the actual NCLEX in difficulty, style, and format.

UWorld’s rationales and explanations are its most praised feature. They are detailed, easy to understand, and often include images or diagrams that aid comprehension.

Hurst Vs. UWorld: Head-To-Head Comparison 

Hurst and UWorld offer comprehensive study materials and practice questions to help nursing students prepare for their exams. However, they have their strengths and weaknesses.

Check the table below for a quick comparison of the two programs:

Question bank+1500 questions+2350 questions
User experienceEasy to useEasy to use
Practice exams42
Video Lessons+100 lessonsNone
Live class hours21 hoursNone
Money-back guaranteeYesNo
Student supportYesYes
Pricing$109 – $399$139 – $449
Quick comparation between Hurst & Uworld

After using both platforms, I’ve written a comparison review to help you decide the best option for your study needs. Keep reading!

1. User Experience

Winner: Tie

Which platform is easier to use? The user experience on both Hurst and UWorld platforms is top-notch, making this aspect a tie.

Both offer seamless navigation and intuitive interfaces. The two platforms are easy to use, with clear instructions and user-friendly designs.

Most importantly, Hurst and UWorld offer mobile apps, allowing you to study on the go. This feature makes learning less stressful and more enjoyable, which is crucial when preparing for an exam as challenging as the NCLEX.

Easy-to-use interface
Easy-to-use interface

2. Course Content

Winner: Hurst

Hurst and UWorld are famous for their comprehensive and detailed course content designed to prepare students for the NCLEX exam.

UWorld stands out by providing an impressive library of over 2000 practice questions, complete with in-depth explanations that aim to simulate the actual NCLEX exam experience closely. This enhances comprehension and enables nursing students to familiarize themselves with the exam’s format and rigor.

On the other hand, Hurst adopts a slightly different yet equally effective approach. They present a more structured course layout, zeroing in on core content and critical strategies integral to the NCLEX’s success.

Hurst’s unique strategy highlights specific subject areas, such as pharmacology and fundamental nursing principles. This targeted approach allows for a deeper understanding and retention of the most critical information, which benefits students who want a more structured study plan.

Given the depth and organization of the course content, with its focused approach to critical subject areas, Hurst gains the upper hand. Therefore, regarding this feature, Hurst is the winner.

3. Pricing & Course Options

Winner: Hurst

Regarding pricing and course options, Hurst comes out on top again. Hurst provides extensive plans tailored to every learner’s needs and budget.

Hurst’s offerings commence at a modest $109 for the Q review, which comprises a question bank designed to challenge and improve students’ knowledge. The all-inclusive package priced at $399 features a 4-day live review session, workbook, and online resources.

On the other hand, UWorld’s single-option pricing plan starts at $139 for 30 days of access, which can go up to $389 for a year’s access.

Although UWorld’s pricing seems more flexible, Hurst’s comprehensive course content and the added value of live options or self-paced learning make it a more cost-effective choice.

Overall, Hurst offers more affordable options, especially for students on a budget.

4. Qbank & Practice Tests

Winner: UWorld

Regarding the Question bank and practice, I found UWorld to be the clear winner. UWorld’s Qbank is extensive, with over 2000 questions that closely resemble those on the actual NCLEX exam. The questions are challenging, which pushes you to think critically, a skill vital for the NCLEX. 

While using UWorld, I also found that the detailed rationales provided for each question enhance understanding and reinforce concepts. 

Meanwhile, Hurst’s Qbank is impressive but falls short due to its fewer questions. Although the practice tests simulate the real exam environment, the explanations are less comprehensive than those provided by UWorld. 

UWorld's flashcards
UWorld’s flashcards

5. Video Lessons 

Winner: Hurst

While UWorld excels in the Qbank aspect, Hurst shines in the area of video lessons. Hurst boasts an extensive library of video lessons that delve into various nursing topics, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for its users.

The instructors, who are experts in their respective fields, present the information in a manner that is easy to grasp, making complex ideas accessible to all learners. 

These lessons benefit visual learners who thrive on detailed explanations and conceptual representation. Seeing the concepts explained in detail enhances their understanding and retention of the material. 

On the other hand, UWorld falls short of this round as it does not offer video lessons. This lack of visual learning resources is a disadvantage, especially for those who find this learning method compelling. 

6. Live Instruction Classes

Winner: Hurst

Live instruction classes are where Hurst outshines UWorld. Hurst offers live, in-person review sessions that can benefit students who learn best through this format. 

These sessions are led by experienced nursing instructors who provide detailed content reviews and test-taking strategies and answer student questions. 

In contrast, UWorld does not offer live instruction classes. Their model primarily revolves around self-study, with students learning through their question bank and self-assessment exams. 

Therefore, if live instruction classes are a priority for you, Hurst is the better choice. 

Hurst's live session
Hurst’s live session

7. Student Support

Winner: Tie

When discussing student support, it’s a tie between Hurst and UWorld. The two platforms offer comprehensive resources to assist students in their study journey. 

In addition, both offer 24/7 support to their users. It means that regardless of the time of day, students can contact their support team through help pages or emails to resolve any issues or queries.

This round-the-clock assistance is vital, especially when preparing for your exam and needing help outside regular business hours.

8. Money-Back Guarantee

Winner: Hurst

Hurst has an edge over UWorld in this aspect. If you fail the NCLEX exam using Hurst, they have a policy that allows you to either get your money back or continue accessing their resources until you pass. This policy provides a safety net for students and shows the company’s confidence in its review program. You can check it here

However, UWorld does not provide this money-back guarantee. This means that if you don’t pass your NCLEX exam after using their program, you won’t be able to get a refund or continue access without paying additional fees.

Money-back guarantee
Money-back guarantee

Hurst Vs. UWorld: Pros And Cons

Hurst and UWorld are comprehensive and reliable tools for NCLEX preparation, but they have both benefits and potential drawbacks, as shown below:



  • Covers all the necessary material for the NCLEX exam
  • Offers various learning formats, like online, live, and in-person options
  • Provides a unique, specialized strategy for answering NCLEX-style questions
  • Offers a pass-guarantee policy
  • Boasts high pass rates


  • The amount of information can be overwhelming for some students.
  • The program focuses on core content, which may not align with the learning style of all students.



  • Offer a comprehensive question bank
  • Provides detailed explanations for each question
  • High-quality questions similar to those on the actual NCLEX exam
  • Easy-to-navigate and user-friendly interface
  • Features a performance-tracking feature to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses


  • High cost
  • Overly detailed explanation

Which One Should You Choose: Hurst or Uworld?

When deciding between Hurst and UWorld, you should consider several factors. From my experience, the best one for you depends on your specific study needs, learning style, and budget. 

  • Study needs:

Both two platforms offer comprehensive review materials. However, they approach the NCLEX content differently. 

Hurst focuses on core content and provides a more structured study plan, which is ideal when you need a thorough content review. 

On the other hand, UWorld provides a vast question bank with detailed explanations. This feature makes UWorld a better fit if you seek a more practice-oriented study approach. 

  • Learning style:

You may benefit from Hurst’s video lectures and colorful workbooks if you are a visual or auditory learner. Their engaging teaching style makes understanding and remembering complex nursing concepts easier. You can also review their content through videos available on their YouTube channel at

Meanwhile, UWorld offers a more text-based learning experience. Its interface closely mirrors the NCLEX exam, which can benefit those who learn best by doing. 

  • Budget:

If budget is a concern, Hurst may be the better option. However, you should still consider what resources you get for your money and whether they match your needs and learning style.

Which is better
Which is better

Final Verdict

I hope my detailed comparison between Hurst vs. UWorld can help you decide the best program for your NCLEX preparation.

If you still find it challenging to determine between them, take your time, do your research, and try both platforms to see which suits your learning style and needs. 

Start today and elevate your test prep to the next level!