Kaplan Vs. UWorld: Which Is Better For Your NCLEX Studying?

Can’t choose between Kaplan vs. UWorld? Among the top contenders in the NCLEX prep market are Kaplan and UWorld. Both platforms offer comprehensive study materials and claim to be the best choice for your NCLEX studying.

In this comparison, I’ll delve into the strengths and weaknesses of each option to help you make an informed decision. Let’s check!

Kaplan Vs. UWorld: Detailed Comparison

Kaplan and UWorld offer comprehensive study materials, including practice questions, video lectures, and content review sessions. To pick the right one for you, let’s look at this comparison table!

Practice Materials+ 2100 practice questions, customizable sessions, diverse question types+3000 questions/exams, focus on clinical judgment skills, 500+ NGN-style questions
Video Lectures & Content Review+300 video lessons, detailed explanations, teaches exam strategiesDynamic, engaging videos with graphics and mnemonic devices
Explanations & PerformanceIncludes graphics, diagrams, and extensive detail, superiorFeatures detailed rationales with visuals, superior
Performance AnalyticsYesYes
UX & InterfaceModern, easy to navigate.Modern, easy to navigate.
Pricing$525/6 months$139/month
Pass GuaranteesYesNo
Overview: Kaplan & Uworld

Now, let’s compare them in detail!

1. Features And Offerings

First, I’ll compare the best features of these two courses, including practice materials, video lectures, content review, explanations and performance analytics.

Practice Materials

Winner: Kaplan

Kaplan’s +2100 practice questions are great because they cover many topics and are just the right difficulty level. 

Kaplan lets you customize your practice sessions; this means you can focus on the areas you need help with most, like specific topics or difficulty levels. I appreciate this feature because it helped me get better faster.

UWorld has more NCLEX practice questions, over 3000, also made by nurses and educators like Kaplan’s. Their inclusion of 500+ NGN questions adds further depth to their practice materials. They focus on building skills you’ll need as a nurse. 

But when it comes to realism, Kaplan wins. Their questions are similar to what you’ll see on the exam. Plus, Kaplan’s program adjusts to your skill level better than UWorld’s.

Kaplan also offers extra study materials

While UWorld offers flashcards, Kaplan has bonus resources, including access to its channel, a prep book, a review guide, and email support. It also has recorded videos and live lessons that go deep into NCLEX topics; this made my studying more effective.

A Question In Kaplan’s Qbank
A Question In Kaplan’s Qbank

Video Lectures And Content Review

Kaplan gives a lot of content reviews through live and recorded lectures, content sessions, and books. They offer over 300 video lessons covering different topics and strategies; this is super helpful for people like me who learn better visually and struggle with just reading from a book

The videos from Kaplan explain everything you need to know for the exam. They might not look super fancy, but they give good information in an easy-to-understand way. 

What’s great about Kaplan’s videos is that they’re not just about content. They also teach you how to handle questions on the exam

They show you strategies like rephrasing questions and using their Decision Tree tips. These strategies made me feel more ready and confident for the NCLEX.

On the other hand, UWorld’s videos are more visually appealing and engaging. They use graphics and memory tricks to explain vital topics interestingly. You can watch them whenever you have time, even during breaks.

However, UWold’s videos are short and focus mainly on the stuff you must know for the exam. While this makes it less overwhelming, it might miss some details.

So, Kaplan wins when it comes to video lectures & content review. 

Kaplan’s Video Lectures
Kaplan’s Video Lectures

Explanations And Performance Analytics

Winner: UWorld 

UWorld’s explanations for their practice questions are outstanding. They use amazing graphics, diagrams, and details to help you understand.

These explanations are like mini-lessons, giving you a deep dive into each problem. Almost every solution in UWorld comes with these helpful visuals.

On the other hand, while Kaplan offers excellent practice questions, their explanations don’t go as deep as UWorld’s. They give you reasons for their answers but don’t provide the same level of detail or visual aids.

Some learners might find Kaplan’s explanations okay for understanding the basics, but you might feel disappointed if you want more detailed explanations with diagrams and graphics.

In addition to their explanations, UWorld has better performance metrics and progress trackers. These tools give you more detailed information about how well you’re doing. They help you understand your strengths and weaknesses better than Kaplan’s analytics.

So, if you’re looking for clear explanations and detailed feedback to improve your understanding and skills, UWorld is the way to go.

A UWorld’s Explanation
A UWorld’s Explanation

2. User Experience And Interface

Winner: Draw

Both platforms offer clean, sharp interfaces that are easy to navigate with lightning-fast responses and load speed. Their modern designs and navigational ease make them stand out among other NCLEX prep courses.

On these platforms, it’s effortless to find what you need, whether it’s practice questions, video lessons, or live classes. 

Additionally, they allow for customization of study plans, progress tracking, and seamless compatibility across various devices like computers, tablets, and phones, offering flexibility for busy students.

UWorld’s Interface
UWorld’s Interface

3. Pricing

Winner: Kaplan 

At first glance, UWorld might seem like the cheaper option with its approachable pricing for Qbanks (from $139/month). 

However, upon closer inspection, Kaplan provides better overall value at $525/6 months. While Kaplan may cost more upfront, it offers additional features that UWorld does not.

Kaplan’s higher price includes access to video lessons, live sessions, a book, and several extras. These additional resources enhance the learning experience and provide comprehensive study materials, making the investment worthwhile. 

Despite costing a bit more, Kaplan’s package offers better value due to the range of supplementary materials included.

Moreover, when comparing just the Qbanks, Kaplan still holds an advantage. With a Qbank priced at $99, Kaplan provides access to over 2,100 questions. 

4. Pass Guarantees

Winner: Kaplan 

Kaplan is the clear winner because it offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass the exam on your first try. Unfortunately, UWorld doesn’t provide any pass guarantee.

Kaplan’s pass guarantee is like a safety net for students. It means if you fail the exam the first time, Kaplan will give you your money back. This shows that they believe in their course and want to help students succeed. 

Kaplan Vs. UWorld Pros & Cons

I’ve shared the detailed comparison of Kaplan vs. UWorld. Now, let’s review the main pros and cons of these two resources before making a final decision!



  •  +2100 practice questions covering many topics.
  • You can customize your study sessions to focus on your needs, like specific topics or difficulty levels.
  • Explains the answers to questions in detail, which helps you understand where you went wrong and learn from your mistakes.
  • +300 video lessons to teach you essential topics and strategies, which is great if you’re a visual learner
  • Detailed feedback on what you’re doing so you know what areas you need to work on.
  • Have a money-back guarantee


  • Cost more upfront than some other options



  • +3000 practice questions created by nurses, which are great for building your clinical skills
  • Videos are fun and easy to understand, with graphics and memory tricks to help you remember things.
  • Explains the answers to questions well
  • Nice interface
  • Cheap upfront, making them more affordable for many students.


  • No pass guarantee
  • Do not have as many extra features as Kaplan, like video lessons and customizable study sessions

Which One Should You Choose?

Both Kaplan and UWorld provide lots of practice material. Kaplan’s questions are more like what you’ll see on the exam, while UWorld explains their problems well.

However, if you want the best NCLEX prep, Kaplan is the way to go. They offer more than UWorld, including high-quality lessons, live classes, a prepared book, and extra resources. These features help you learn in different ways and make studying easier. 

Dr. Cheryl Ross

Plus, Kaplan’s package isn’t much more expensive than UWorld’s, considering all the extra stuff you get.

So, if you want a comprehensive NCLEX prep that covers everything you need and offers extra support, Kaplan is the better choice. 

But if you’re on a tight budget and just want practice questions and explanations, UWorld would be enough for you. Ultimately, it depends on what you value most in your NCLEX reparation.

Wrap Up

When comparing Kaplan vs. UWorld, both have their perks and drawbacks. Kaplan offers various study materials, including videos, customizable study sessions, and a money-back guarantee. On the other hand, UWorld’s got many practice questions and detailed explanations at a lower price. 

So, think about what matters most to you, comprehensive study or budget-friendly options, and decide based on that. Good luck with your NCLEX prep!