Simple Nursing Vs. UWorld: Which Is Right For You?

Are you in the process of studying for the NCLEX and wondering which resource would be best to use? Have you considered comparing Simple Nursing and UWorld but are unsure which one to choose? You’re in the right place!

In this post, I will compare these two popular NCLEX study resources to help you make the best decision for your study needs. So, refer now!

Overview Of Simple Nursing And UWorld

Among the numerous resources available for the NCLEX prep, Simple Nursing and UWorld stand out as particularly popular and effective. What are they?

Simple Nursing is an online platform dedicated to studying nursing simpler and more enjoyable. It offers many resources, including video lectures, practice questions, study guides, and many more, all designed to simplify complex nursing concepts.

The platform’s central selling point is its ability to transform potentially dull and overwhelming material into engaging, easy-to-understand content that sticks with you.

On the other hand, UWorld is another online platform, but it’s more than just a study tool. It is renowned for its NCLEX prep course, which includes a comprehensive question bank designed to mimic the NCLEX exam.

Experienced nurse educators write these questions and have detailed rationales for correct and incorrect answers, providing a great way to learn and understand nursing concepts.

So, how are they different? Which is more suitable for your learning style and study needs? Check out the comparison section right below before investing!

Simple Nursing Vs. UWorld: Compare and Contrast

Both Simple Nursing and UWorld are excellent resources for the NCLEX examination. Here is a comparison table for a quick overview:

Criteria Simple NursingUWorld
User Experience & InterfaceModern and easy-to-useModern and easy-to-use
Quality of practice questions+3000 questions (+1400 NGN questions)+2600 questions (+500 NGN questions)
Additional study materialsDiverse (flashcards, nursing vocabulary tools, ebook, recommended study plans, etc)Limited (cheat sheets, suggested study plans, nursing vocabulary tools)
Problem explanationsVideo and written rationales Only written rationales
Video Lessons+2500 video lessonsNone
Full-length practice testsUnlimited (for the premium package)4 (for the premium package)
PricingCheaperMore expensive 
Money back guaranteeYesNo
Content access durationOne year90 days
Quick comparation of Simple Nursing and Uworld

To help you decide which one you should choose for your studying needs, I will compare and contrast the two popular platforms based on the above criteria. 

Keep reading to discover the key differences between Simple Nursing and UWorld, and pick the one best suited for your needs!

1. User Experience & Interface

Winner: Tie

Both Simple Nursing and UWorld boast modern and user-friendly interfaces. This feature is crucial for students who spend long hours studying and need a platform that is easy to navigate.

The design elements are clean and uncluttered, making it easy for users to focus on what truly matters – the content. Furthermore, both platforms offer mobile applications, allowing students to study on the go. 

UWorld Modern and simple to use interface
UWorld Modern and simple to use interface

2. Quality Of NCLEX Practice Questions

Winner: Simple Nursing

Simple Nursing emerges as the clear winner regarding the quality of practice questions. 

The questions on Simple Nursing reflect the actual NCLEX exam, which is challenging and requires critical thinking. This feature is highly beneficial as it allows students to understand the exam format and manage their time effectively. 

In addition, Simple Nursing courses cover a wide range of topics, testing the depth and breadth of students’ knowledge. 

On the other hand, UWorld’s questions are also high-quality. However, I found the questions on this platform less representative of the NCLEX exam. 

3. Practice Problem Explanations

Winner: UWorld

In terms of explaining practice problems, UWorld outshines Simple Nursing. UWorld thoroughly explains each question, helping me understand the reasoning behind the correct answers. This feature is instrumental in reinforcing students’ understanding of complex concepts. 

In contrast, many students agree that Simple Nursing’s explanations are relatively brief, leaving them occasionally confused or with lingering questions. 

UWorld detailed explanations
UWorld detailed explanations

4. Video Lessons

Winner: Simple Nursing

In terms of video lessons, Simple Nursing again comes out on top. Simple Nursing’s video lessons are engaging, easy to understand, and cover various topics. These lessons use visual aids and real-life scenarios that make the learning process interactive and enjoyable. 

You can review their content through Youtube channel:

video lession from Simple Nursing

While UWorld also offers video lessons, they are not as extensive or interactive as Simple Nursing provides. They can be more prolonged and sometimes tedious

5. Additional Study Materials

Winner: Simple Nursing

Simple Nursing takes the crown in this category. Simple Nursing offers an extensive library of video lectures, study guides, and flashcards that I found invaluable during my study sessions. 

These resources, combined with the engaging and easy-to-understand teaching style of Simple Nursing, help students easily grasp complex nursing concepts. 

On the other hand, UWorld offers a solid question bank and detailed rationales but falls short regarding supplemental materials. 

Personalized Study Plan of Simple Nursing
leadership and management

6. Full-Length Practice Tests

Winner: Simple Nursing

Once again, with these criteria, simple nursing emerges as the winner. While UWorld offers a maximum of four full-length practice tests in the premium package, Simple Nursing allows unlimited access if you upgrade to its premium package. 

UWorld provides a percentile score with a predictor indicating your chance of NCLEX success. Still, the unlimited test access that Simple Nursing offers is simply unmatched, giving you ample practice and boosting your confidence for the actual exam. 

7. Pricing

Winner: Simple Nursing

Looking at pricing, Simple Nursing proves to be the more affordable option. While both platforms offer a range of packages with varying features, the Simple Nursing pricing plan is more budget-friendly ($59/month). This feature makes it more accessible to many nursing students who are often on a tight budget. 

While UWorld’s question bank is excellent, the higher price tag and lack of additional study materials make it less cost-effective for many nursing students ($169/2 months). 

Simple Nursing pricing plans
Simple Nursing pricing plans

8. Money Back Guarantee

Winner: Simple Nursing

In this aspect, Simple Nursing takes the lead. You will be impressed to know that Simple Nursing offers a 200% money-back pass guarantee. If you don’t pass your exam after using their resources, you can get your money back, and they will double it. 

This shows a high level of confidence in their content and services. It also reduces the financial risk for students investing in their education and future careers. 

On the other hand, UWorld does not offer such a guarantee, which is a potential drawback for those who value this kind of safety net. 

9. Content Access Duration 

Winner: Tie

It’s relatively challenging to determine a clear winner in this round. Simple Nursing and UWorld provide flexible subscription packages from month-to-month to 2 years. 

This flexibility lets you choose a plan that best suits your study timeline and budget. As a result, this category is a tie between Simple Nursing and UWorld. 

Simple Nursing video lesson
Simple Nursing video lesson

Sources: Simple Nursing & Uworld website

Pros And Cons 

Simple Nursing and UWorld have their specific benefits and potential drawbacks. After using both, here are the pros and cons of these platforms I’ve found:

Simple Nursing 


  • Offers a vast range of study materials, including video tutorials, flashcards, and practice questions
  • Provides engaging and simplified video lectures
  • Comes with a structured study plan
  • Features real-life clinical scenarios 
  • Boasts a money-back guarantee


  • The content is not always up-to-date with the changes in the NCLEX exam.
  • The customer service is not always responsive or helpful. 



  • Comprehensive question bank 
  • Detailed explanations for each question 
  • Provides a test interface that is similar to the actual NCLEX
  • Offers performance tracking to help users identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Regularly updates content


  • More expensive than other NCLEX prep courses
  • Lack of comprehensive content review or lecture materials
  • Too detailed rationales 

Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing between Simple Nursing and UWorld depends on your learning style and study needs. If you enjoy interactive learning and need help simplifying complex nursing concepts, Simple Nursing may be the better choice. 

In addition, Simple Nursing offers numerous additional study materials, such as flashcards, video tutorials, and ebooks, which are beneficial for visual learners. 

On the other hand, if you learn best through practice and want a tool that closely simulates the NCLEX exam, UWorld may be more suitable. 

This platform also provides a comprehensive rationale that explains the correct answer and dives into why the other options are incorrect. This detailed breakdown allows you to understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future.

Both platforms boast high-quality resources and help nursing students pass the NCLEX. So, the choice ultimately depends on what you feel will help you learn most effectively. 

Dr. Cheryl Ross
Which platform should you choose
Which platform should you choose

Final Verdict

After referring to my comparison between Simple Nursing and UWorld, can you decide which option is the most suitable for you? 

I’ve tried both of them and found that they have their unique offerings and benefits. Ultimately, the decision depends on your study goals and learning style. 

Feel free to explore both platforms, weigh their pros and cons, and start your NCLEX preparation journey!