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At Kevin’s Review, our team is more than a collection of individuals. We’re a unified force committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of nursing students and the broader healthcare community. Each member of our leadership and editorial teams brings unique strengths and a shared vision to our platform, creating value that extends far beyond NCLEX preparation.

The Value We Create


We are dedicated to empowering nursing students with the knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to excel in their NCLEX exams and future careers. Our team works tirelessly to create resources that unlock potential and inspire growth.


Integrity is at the heart of all we do. From the leadership to the editorial team, we uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethical practice. Our content is meticulously researched and reviewed to ensure accuracy, reliability, and trustworthiness.


We believe in the power of collaboration — within our team, with our partners, and among the nursing student community we serve. By fostering a culture of support and teamwork, we create a stronger, more inclusive platform that reflects the diverse needs and voices of nursing students worldwide.

Our Leadership

Will Milton

Will Milton

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO, Will sets the strategic direction of Kevin’s Review, ensuring the platform aligns with its mission to support nursing students effectively. His leadership is crucial for guiding the company’s growth, overseeing operations, and ensuring the team remains focused on delivering value to nursing students.

Dr Cheryl Ross

Dr. Cheryl Ross

Chief Content Officer

Dr. Cheryl is responsible for the oversight of all educational content on Kevin’s Review. Her expertise in nursing education ensures that the content is not only accurate and up-to-date but also pedagogically aligned with the learning needs of NCLEX candidates.

Ethan Kim

Ethan Kim

Innovation and Technology Lead

Ethan Kim spearheads our efforts to forge strategic partnerships, enhancing Kevin’s Review’s offerings and reach. His work with nursing schools and educational institutions broadens our impact, making high-quality NCLEX prep resources more accessible to students everywhere.

Kevin Pan

Founder of Kevin’s Review

Kevin Pan is the esteemed founder of Kevin’s Review, a pioneering platform in the field of NCLEX education.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Master of Science in Nursing Education from the University of San Francisco, Mr. Kevin has effectively bridged the gap between clinical practice and educational innovation.

Though he has transitioned from day-to-day operations to focus on research and strategic development, his visionary approach continues to influence the platform profoundly. Under his guidance, Kevin’s Review has become synonymous with excellence, providing rigorous and accessible NCLEX preparation materials that empower nursing students across the nation.

Our Editorial Team

Will Milton

Emily Carter, RN

Clinical Nurse Educator

Emily Carter leverages her extensive experience as a Registered Nurse to ensure the accuracy and relevance of Kevin’s Review content. With a keen understanding of the NCLEX and a passion for nursing education, she meticulously reviews and refines our materials. Emily’s expertise helps guide nursing students through their exam preparation with confidence and clarity.

Will Milton

Megan Burke, MSN

Nursing Curriculum Developer

Megan Burke’s background in nursing education and clinical research has equipped her with a keen insight into the evolving landscape of nursing standards and practices. Her work has involved developing curriculum content that aligns with NCLEX competencies, emphasizing evidence-based care and critical thinking.

Will Milton

Alex Johnson, BSN, RN

Acute Care Nursing Instructor

Alex Johnson has served in both acute care and educational settings, where he has mentored nursing students preparing for their licensure exams. His experience covers a broad spectrum of nursing care, from surgical units to community health, providing him with a well-rounded perspective crucial for NCLEX preparation.

Will Milton

Pediatric Nursing Specialist

Specializing in pediatric nursing, Sarah Reid has contributed significantly to nursing education through her clinical work and as a faculty member. Her expertise in pediatric care, from neonatal units to adolescent health, reflects the specialized knowledge candidates need to succeed on the NCLEX.

Will Milton

Michael Rodriguez, CCRN

Critical Care Nursing Expert

Michael Rodriguez’s career in critical care nursing, backed by his CCRN certification, positions him as an expert in high-stakes nursing environments. His experience in the ICU and emergency departments has honed his skills in critical thinking and rapid decision-making, key areas of focus on the NCLEX.

Will Milton

Linda Kim, RN

Public Health Nursing Educator

Linda Kim’s work in public health nursing has given her a broad overview of community health issues, preventive care, and epidemiology. Her contributions to public health initiatives and education on disease prevention are directly relevant to the community health competencies tested on the NCLEX.

Will Milton

Derek Johnson, BSN, RN

Emergency Nursing Specialist

Derek Johnson has excelled in emergency nursing, where quick judgment and a comprehensive understanding of acute care protocols are paramount. His experience dealing with life-threatening situations and complex patient needs provides a solid foundation for NCLEX-related critical care content.

Will Milton

Frank Barnes, RN

Nursing Advisor

Frank Barnes has a diversified background in nursing, with significant experience in geriatric and surgical care. His work with older adult populations and in surgical units offers insights into the patient management strategies and ethical considerations that are integral to the NCLEX exam.

Will Milton

Laura Wright, BSN, RN

Registered Nurse [Writer]

Laura Wright’s dedication to mental health and psychiatric nursing has involved both direct patient care and the development of mental health programs. Her expertise is reflective of the mental health and psychosocial integrity components of the NCLEX, highlighting the importance of holistic patient care.

At Kevin’s Review, our writers are more than just experts in their field—they’re nurses with a profound passion for writing and sharing their knowledge. Each brings a unique blend of clinical experience, educational insight, and a genuine love for guiding the next generation of nurses. From the intricacies of patient care to the challenges of the NCLEX, they share their journeys, tips, and wisdom through the written word, enriching our community with content that’s not only informative but also inspiring.