Linda Kim

Linda Kim, Public Health Nursing Educator, leverages her expertise in community health and epidemiology to enhance NCLEX content with public health insights.
Linda Kim

Public Health Nursing Educator

Linda Kim is a distinguished Public Health Nursing Educator at Kevin's Review, where she brings her extensive experience in public health nursing to the forefront of NCLEX preparation.

With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Coastal University and years of service in community health, Linda has dedicated her career to addressing public health issues, promoting preventive care, and advancing the field of epidemiology.

Professional Path

Community Health Nurse, Green Valley Health Department

Linda began her professional journey focusing on preventive care programs, health education, and epidemiological research, significantly impacting community wellness and public health outcomes.

Public Health Nursing Consultant, Wellness Initiatives Inc.

Expanding her influence, Linda consulted on public health strategies, guiding organizations in developing effective disease prevention and health promotion campaigns.

Public Health Nursing Educator, City Community College

Transitioning to academia, Linda leveraged her practical experience to educate future nurses, emphasizing the importance of community health nursing, disease prevention, and the role of nurses in public health advocacy.

Linda synthesizes her deep knowledge of public health nursing into comprehensive NCLEX prep materials that cover community health issues, preventive care strategies, and the basics of epidemiology. Her expertise ensures that NCLEX candidates are well-prepared for exam questions related to community health competencies and equipped with the knowledge to make a positive impact in public health nursing.

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