Frank Barnes

Frank Barnes, with a focus on geriatric and surgical nursing, applies his extensive clinical experience to develop comprehensive NCLEX prep.
Frank Barnes

RN - Nursing Advisor

Frank Barnes enriches Kevin's Review as a Nursing Advisor, bringing a wealth of experience from his diversified nursing background, particularly in geriatric and surgical care. With his comprehensive training and years of hands-on experience, Frank has developed a deep understanding of patient management strategies and the ethical considerations vital to nursing practice.

Frank applies his extensive knowledge and clinical experience to advise on the development of NCLEX preparation materials that accurately reflect the realities of nursing care. His expertise in geriatric and surgical nursing enhances the content, ensuring it encompasses a wide range of nursing competencies, from clinical skills to ethical decision-making.

Professional Background

Geriatric Nurse, Pine Grove Senior Center

Frank developed a deep understanding of the unique needs of older adults, emphasizing compassionate care and tailored treatment plans that enhance the quality of life for this demographic.

Surgical Nurse, Metro General Hospital

Transitioning to a surgical unit, Frank expanded his expertise to include preoperative and postoperative care, mastering the fast-paced environment of surgical nursing while ensuring patient safety and optimal outcomes.

Staff Development Coordinator, Lakeside Healthcare Community

Parallel to his advisory role at Kevin's Review, Frank applies his clinical wisdom to lead staff development initiatives at Lakeside Healthcare Community. This role involves training nursing staff in best practices, patient care standards, and continuous professional development, ensuring high-quality care delivery.

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