Sarah Reid

Sarah Reid, a Pediatric Nursing Specialist, integrates her rich expertise in child health into NCLEX materials, preparing students for excellence.
Sarah Reid

Pediatric Nursing Specialist

Sarah Reid stands out as a beacon of expertise in pediatric nursing at Kevin's Review, where she applies her deep knowledge and passion for child health as a Pediatric Nursing Specialist.

Earning her Master of Science in Nursing with a focus on pediatrics from Riverside University and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Lakeview College, Sarah has dedicated her career to advancing pediatric nursing care and education.

At Kevin's Review, Sarah leverages her specialized pediatric experience to develop and refine NCLEX preparation content that covers the breadth of child health nursing. She ensures that the materials not only include the most current pediatric nursing practices but also engage students with scenarios they’re likely to encounter in real-world pediatric nursing settings.

Career Journey

Pediatric Nurse, Happy Valley Children's Hospital

Sarah’s professional nursing journey began in the neonatal unit, extending through to general pediatric care, where she provided compassionate care to the youngest patients and their families, honing her skills in pediatric assessment and intervention.

Pediatric Nursing Educator, Summit Nursing School

Transitioning into education, Sarah took on a role that allowed her to share her wealth of knowledge with nursing students, focusing on pediatric care from infancy through adolescence, ensuring that her students are well-prepared for the NCLEX and their future roles as nurses.

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