How to Complain About Nursing School: A Guide

Nursing school can be a real pain in the – wait, before I finish that sentence, let me give you some ideas on how to vent about nursing school without getting in trouble.

#1. Complain in a bar with your friends

Great idea, as long as a few requirements are met:

  • Bar is far from said nursing school (yes, Mrs. Garrison likes to go to the bar and trash talk her students, too)
  • No photos are taken and posted on the class facebook group (that a teacher has secretly infiltrated because the group’s student administrator couldn’t handle the pressure, or one of the many teacher’s pets have betrayed you all.)
  • You don’t have clinicals the next morning

#2. Complain on social networks

All right! You have an audience, followers and friends. They’re sure to commiserate with you on your nursing school woes. Watch out:

  • See (b) above
  • Check your privacy filters (Friends of Friends – Bad Idea.)
  • Don’t mention names or specific people (“Mrs. Garrison – Ugh! Who dunked her in the #&*@% tank??)

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#3. Complain at nursing school

Living life on the edge, huh? Here’s how to do it properly:

  • Assess over your bilateral shoulders and make sure the coast is clear. (You see  that nursing word? Bilateral.)
  • Diagnosis: Figure out what you want to complain about. The terrible grading system? Or the robotic 4-hour lectures?
  • Planning. Is it too quiet? How far are you from the Nursing Department? Do you trust those sitting around you?
  • Implement your complaints. Your technique must be just right. Not too loud, not too sneaky.
  • Evaluate. Take another look over your bilateral shoulders. You should be good.

Alright. So that’s that. Happy complaining! If you have any more tips or just wanna say something about your fundamentals teacher, comment below or follow me on twitter at Special thanks to @nursejayde for inspiration.

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