Get Yourself Ready To Become A Travel Nurse!

Please enjoy this guest post by Donna Daugherty, RN, author of Get Yourself Ready To Become A Travel Nurse!

When I first got out of nursing school, I so much wanted to travel. My children were young at the time, I had a mortgage, my mother was ill; I had a lot of reasons why I couldn’t become a travel nurse.

There were two younger nurses that I was working with that were turning in their two week notices, and getting jobs as travel nurses.

I didn’t really grasp the whole concept of what a travel nurse was at the time. I remember talking to them about the fact that they wouldn’t know where anything was, how it was ‘done’ in the new units they were headed to, and that they wouldn’t know the doctors or be familiar with how each doctor liked things done.

They didn’t care. Those girls were young enough to realize that those things can be learned. It took me 20 years longer to realize the same thing.

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I see young, new nurses all the time in orientation. They bring their children with them. Their husband and boyfriends are with them as well. One girl brought her mother. Many bring cats and dogs. They home school, they live in RV’s, and they live next door to me in condos.

We cook out together, we car pool, we work together and we become friends.

I would like to invite you to read my book on travel nursing, “How To Be A Successful Travel Nurse At The Nurses Station” This book has the information in it that you won’t find at the travel nurse company’s website.

Donna Daugherty, RN