Get Yourself Ready To Become A Travel Nurse!

Please enjoy this guest post by Donna Daugherty, RN, author of Get Yourself Ready To Become A Travel Nurse! When I first got out of nursing school, I so much wanted to travel. My children were young at the time, I had a mortgage, … Continue Reading →

Nursing vs Physical Therapy vs PT Assistant vs Occupational Therapy. Which is Best for You?

These three fields are some of the most sought-after careers in healthcare. They are stable, have a good starting salary, and offer great benefits. But which one is right for you? We’ll go over the schooling, salaries, advantages, and disadvantages … Continue Reading →

Original Nursing Memes!

Welcome! These memes are all original and created by Exam Review Expert. If you would like to share them whether it’s via social media or your own websites, please include a link to this page! Enjoy! [cardoza_facebook_like_box width=”292″ height=”75″] To … Continue Reading →

So You Failed the NCLEX: 4 Experts Teach You Your Next Step

[cardoza_facebook_like_box width=”292″ height=”75″] Have you tried and failed the NCLEX recently? It’s hard to figure out what to do next. It’s hard to even think about. Don’t give up! Here is some personal advice from 4 NCLEX professionals who understand … Continue Reading →

Non-bedside Nurse

10 Unique Non-Bedside Nursing Jobs You Haven’t Considered Yet

Nursing affords a wide variety of work settings. What if you don’t want to be a floor nurse? Maybe you’ve tried it and it’s just not for you. Maybe your health isn’t what it used to be. In any case, … Continue Reading →

Surgical Tech vs. Nurse

Nursing School vs. Surgical Technologist School: Advantages and Disadvantages

Nursing School or Surgical Tech school? Here is an overview of the overarching advantages and disadvantages of both of these professions, as well as their schooling processes. This is meant to be a resource for those thinking of starting or … Continue Reading →

7 Quick Tips on Getting Daytime Sleep

I’m sharing this infographic originally found on Scrubbed In, a blog from, written by Meaghan O’Keeffe, RN. Click the image to go to her original post. If you work night shifts, this is the infographic for you. I worked … Continue Reading →

5 Statistics You Didn’t Know About the NCLEX! An Infographic.

Here is a summary of facts and data that was published by the NCSBN. I put it in infographic form. Enjoy, and good luck on your NCLEX! If you’re looking for an NCLEX Review, check out our listings. If you … Continue Reading →

Nurses with Computer Charting Problems

Computer Charting for Nurses: 5 Ways to Get Great at It

Electronic Medical Records. Computer Charting. You might hear those words and shudder. It might remind you of spending minutes at a time trying to load a single page, clicking around to find a lab value, or losing 10 minutes of … Continue Reading →

Guidepost: Free NCLEX Questions, Reviews, and Content

Ultimate Guide: 28 Free NCLEX Reviews, Questions, and Resources.

There’s nothing like free online material. Luckily, there are tons of free NCLEX websites on the internet. You just need to know where to look! Here is a definitive guide to all things online and free for the NCLEX-RN and … Continue Reading →