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I failed the Nclex 3 times and I contact Mike Linares. He is a nice guy but he is disorganized and all over the place. His video context are directly from Saunders Comprenhension textbook. I took his NCLEX75 which was a waste of money and disorganized. I failed using his FAKE Method. He hires mentors who have not passed the NCLEX. Overall he is entertaining but his videos are all over the place. I would not recommend him.

A day with Mike:

He was my mentor and all he did was ask me how well I scored on nursing questions, which he did not provide. I had to buy nursing questions from UWorld. He believes a student should study 3 hours a day and eventually complete 60 questions in 20 minutes. Some of his videos were entertaining but overall messy. Some of his medication videos had wrong information which I questioned him and he never changed. Everyday I texted him and told him my scores on the nclex questions and what topic I studied. I felt his text did not help as he would constantly say the same thing, what did you study today and what was your score. If I scored 86% he thought that was great. That was the typical day nothing fancy. His videos can be confusing.

Overall, Mike set me up for failing and did not help me at all to pass. He hires people for free and is very unprofessional. Simple Nursing was confusing and disorganized but all his videos were available online and a study schedule. Simple Nursing is not worth the money. He guarantees full refund, if a student does not pass, as a result I did not recieve my money back. Again, I failed using his program. 



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