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took the NCLEX-RN
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Review for: Rachell Allen NCLEX Review Course

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I attended the Rachell Allen 10-day live course. The first day was reserved for a pre-exam which is a full 265 item exam, to assess our strengths and weaknesses. For the next 9 days, we will always start with an affirmation that just simply filled the room with positivity making it more conducive for learning. Then we will proceed with a pretest for the specific subject we're about to tackle that day. Our instructor will explain the rationale of each answer choices along with the lesson as she relates it to the topic being discussed, which for me was very effective as the students can have a more detailed and in depth understanding of why a choice was right or wrong. The core content is focused on the important aspects that one needs for his/her nursing career. At the end of the day, we were given a post test to determine how well we have absorbed the lesson. On our last day, Sir Ryan gave us advise on the study techniques that we might find useful including group studies and discussions. We were also given another full 265 item exam 10 days after the live course has ended to assess our preparedness, and was given pointers and tips based on our individualized results.

Before taking my NCLEX-RN, I've always prayed to let it be the first and the last time I would have to take it. Then I remembered a message I've read stating that "God will line up the right people for you." And today, I believe, that Ms. Jennie Anne and Mr. Ryan together with all of Rachell Allen were one of those right people. Not only did they provide the knowledge, but also something from within - positivity, support, and encouragement. Words of appreciation are not enough to express my gratitude on how they have helped me conquer my NCLEX-RN. I just passed my NCLEX-RN exam yesterday with 75 questions. :)

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