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Kevin's Review helps connect upcoming test-takers with NCLEX Review Providers who help them prepare for their exams. Whether you teach a local class or run an online business, we can help you find the right students.

What We Do

I'll work with you find the best option to market your business and help fuel word-of-mouth sales.

I personally curate and moderate this review site to make sure reviews are all real and of the best quality. Not only that, but I give incentives to reviewers, encouraging people to say something about your company.

Benefits of an Affiliate Relationship with Kevin's Review

As your reviews build and your visibility grows, your brand will build. Searchers on Google and other search engines find Kevin's Review easily. You'll want to put your best foot forward when they find you!

Becoming an affiliate will allow you these benefits:

  • Improved listing visibility on our homepage. This is where all traffic from landing pages are directed.
  • High-profile buttons that link directly to your website from our homepage and your profile page.
  • Eye-catching descriptions, updated pricing information.
  • More influence on the descriptions of your listing page.
  • Eligible to participate in traffic and link-building opportunities (blog articles, high-traffic resource pages, scholarships etc).
  • Included in the email list that encourages students to write reviews and drives traffic to our home page.
  • Opportunity for a detailed editor's review that showcases in more detail what you have to offer.
  • Opportunity to offer a featured coupon code that will appear throughout the website.

Why it Works

Students come onto the internet to look for quality products and read unbiased reviews. That's what we give them.

We don't influence our user-generated reviews to make your products sell better. Although that might sound counter-intuitive, it works better that way! As people are getting more and more familiar with technology and the internet, they learn to detect any forms of deception early on. People want to hear the real story behind a product, not a sugar-coated advertisement.

What we will give them is an unbiased, descriptive review of your services. You'll be surprised at how much people value an honest opinion!

That's why students will come to pay for your quality services. It's a great way for you to get real feedback, too!

What it Costs

Email me or call me to discuss pricing and to have your website featured!

Contact Kevin now at 630-776-5801 or by Email.