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The Best NCLEX Review Courses, Classes, and Tutors

Best NCLEX Review Courses of 2019

(5 Reviews, 4.5 stars)
$29 to $49 per month

  • is a polished online learning library full of NCLEX content.
  • Pro: Has the most content overall (videos, practice questions etc).
  • Pro: Lower-priced than traditional NCLEX Reviews.
  • Con: Lacks a live review: best for self-paced and tech-comfortable learners.

Platinum Tests NCLEX Simulator

(8 Reviews, 5 stars)
RN: $90 LPN: $45 (one time fee)
  • Platinum Tests is the only Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) Simulator on the market.
  • Pro: Only true CAT simulator for NCLEX
  • Pro: Can accurately predict whether you'll pass the NCLEX
  • Con: Simulation Tool: Does not give Rationales

Kaplan NCLEX Review

(14 Reviews, 4 stars)

  • Kaplan is the another NCLEX Review leader (a close second to Hurst).
  • Pro: Often has discount codes posted on its website.
  • Pro: Known for its strategy review.
  • Con: Doesn't have a comprehensive core content review.

Hurst NCLEX Review

(27 Reviews, 4 stars)

  • Hurst is the leader in NCLEX Review with a long history and a strong reputation.
  • Pro: Very efficient and comprehensive core content review
  • Pro: In-person, live online, and online only options.
  • Con: Reviews "core content" only as defined by Hurst.


(31 Reviews, 4.5 stars)
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Question and Answer books focus on practice questions with rationales that help you learn along the way.

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Content Review books focus on reviewing core nursing content, refreshing your mind on all the things you've learned in nursing school.

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Strategy Review books focus on knowing how to deal with common types of NCLEX questions, prioritizing answers, and critical thinking skills.

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