Kevin's Review NCLEX Scholarship (With Platinum Tests!)

Thank you for visiting this page. Unfortunately as of 2019 I have stopped taking applications and offering this award. Below are the previous winners.

I hope to again offer this to students like you in the future and will be working hard to make this possible again!

Awardees of the Kevin's Review (featuring Platinum Tests) NCLEX Assistance Award

August 2017

A blank check for the NCLEX assistance winner.

I was very excited to give out my first award in August of 2017!

The winner's name is Alyssa C. from Texas.

Alyssa first attempted the NCLEX 4 years ago, but soon had her two children afterwards. Her nursing school credentials only last for 5 years. After that, she can't qualify to take the NCLEX.

Since she's had her kids, she's attempted the NCLEX twice and now has one more chance to be a nurse. Let's all wish Alyssa the best!

Update: On Nov 14, 2017, Alyssa notified me that she has passed the NCLEX! Congratulations, Alyssa RN!

Alyssa's nursing license and pass notification.

May 2018

Latoya G. with her check

The confirmed winner of the award for May 2018 is Latoya G!

"I am a 2013 graduate from an AASN program. I am a repeat test taker. I have taken the RN NCLEX 3 times and failed. I had given up on taking my boards. After getting encouragement from others and help of Kevin's scholarship, I'm ready to conquer the Nclex."

Good luck and we hope your hard work pays off, Latoya!