Help If You've Failed the NCLEX in Illinois

For those of you who live in Illinois...

I am offering a special type of tutoring program. This program is meant for students who need a lot of help, both academically and financially. Students who have not only failed once, but maybe 2 or more times. Students who are having a hard time continuing their NCLEX journey because of the cost of time and money. Students who don't need "just" tutoring - students who need coaching and a source of support.

If that sounds at all similar to your situation, I am excited to offer to assess you, coach you, tutor you, and help keep you motivated with the goal of finally achieving a PASS on the NCLEX.

Most importantly, you don't have to worry about it draining your funds, or being a waste of your time or effort.

Here is how it would work:

  • As we proceed through the tutoring and coaching, I would charge an hourly rate for my services, just like any other tutor.
  • However, you would only pay the full tutoring costs after you pass the NCLEX and are an RN.
  • Each week of this program, you would be required to deposit 10% of the tutoring charges for that week. If you decide to quit attempting the NCLEX, you would not get this deposit back. But if you pass the NCLEX, the money you've already paid would count toward your bill.
  • After the NCLEX is passed, you would have a 3-month grace period to search for a job. After that, you would pay back the tutoring cost with the option of monthly installments. No interest would be charged.
  • My rate is per hour of coaching and tutoring. I may require you to purchase, or provide you with certain required study materials and assessment tools along the way, which would be billed as well.

Here are factors that I will use to decide who I will tutor:

  • Family Need: I will prioritize those that are heads of households or have dependents.
  • NCLEX History: I will prioritize those that have failed the NCLEX before.
  • Disadvantaged Education: I will prioritize those that attended schools with poor published pass rates.
  • Time Constraints: I will prioritize those who are working and therefore have less time to study.

Just because you don't meet the above factors, doesn't mean I won't tutor you. But to make the most impact, those factors will be prioritized.

You must have a permanent residence in Illinois - no exceptions.

To apply, fill out this form:

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!