Failed the NCLEX?
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Kevin's Review NCLEX Scholarship (With Platinum Tests and Feuer Nursing Review!)

A blank check for the NCLEX assistance winner.

Have you attempted the NCLEX unsuccessfully?

First of all, my condolences. Failing the NCLEX is hard to endure.

Second of all, please read my guide on recovering from failing the NCLEX. I poured just about everything I know about studying for the NCLEX into that guide, and I hope it helps you.

The Scholarship

I started this website originally to help students pick quality NCLEX Reviews. To continue to help students, I'm introducing a new and unique scholarship.

Platinum Tests and Feuer Nursing Review has also joined me in this mission and has graciously contributed for each award recipient!

The scholarship is awarded on a quarterly basis, meaning there will be 4 award recipients each year.

The Award

Each recipient of the scholarship will receive a total of $715 worth of awards:

  1. A payment of $250, enough to cover half or more of the cost of an NCLEX Review Course or an NCLEX Application.
  2. Lifetime access to Platinum Tests, a Computerized Adaptive Testing simulator that can predict your NCLEX readiness ($90 Value).
  3. 3 months of access to Feuer Nursing Review's Comprehensive NCLEX Review, my pick for a time-tested review company who've helped students since 1971. ($375 Value)

The NCLEX financial assistance will be in the form of 4 drawings each year.

Drawings will take place February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st of each year.

Scroll down or click this link to see our running list of award winners!

This money is meant to help pay for remedial classes, if necessary, or to help allay the costs of re-registration and re-application.


Requirement One:

Students must provide proof that they have unsuccessfully attempted the NCLEX.

This can be in the form of NCLEX "Quick Results" (a screenshot from the Pearson Vue website), or a photo or photocopy of your NCLEX notification letter in the mail.

Requirement Two:

Students must provide proof that they are either attempting the NCLEX again or are undergoing a paid NCLEX Review or remedial course.

This can be in the form of a receipt or confirmation email from Pearson Vue, your State Board of Nursing, or an NCLEX Review company.

You don't have to have the NCLEX scheduled - you just need to have the application process started so I know you will be taking it again.

Upload File Requirements:

Documents can also be emailed to [email protected]. Please include your full name in the subject line of the email.

Award Selection Process

The award recipient will be chosen using a random selection, utilizing the services of RANDOM.ORG, a trusted random selection software.

When you submit your application, will keep your application for ONE YEAR, enabling you to participate in 4 DRAWINGS. After one year, your application will be purged from the selection pool.

On the day of the award selection, your entry will be uploaded along with all other entries that are less than one year old, and 5 entries will be chosen one by one. This is to ensure that there are "back-up" winners in the event that a winner is unresponsive or an entry is incomplete or invalid.

The first of the 5 selected entries will be checked to ensure validity: the uploaded document will be reviewed, and the student will be contacted. If everything goes as planned, that student would be the winner.

In the event that the entry is invalid, or we are unable to contact the student within 1 week, the next entry will be reviewed as the winner and the process will be repeated until an award recipient is found.


Feel free to direct questions to [email protected].

Step 1: Provide your Documents.

You may use our uploader below, or email your documents to [email protected]. Please include the words "SCHOLARSHIP DOCUMENTS" in the subject line of the email.

If you don't have documents available yet, you can move on to step 2 and provide them when they are available. However, if you are chosen as an award candidate, the documents will be required in order for your award to be disbursed.

Select file to upload:

Step 2: Enter Your Application Information

Awardees of the Kevin's Review (featuring Platinum Tests) NCLEX Assistance Award

August 2017

A blank check for the NCLEX assistance winner.

I was very excited to give out my first award in August of 2017!

The winner's name is Alyssa C. from Texas.

Alyssa first attempted the NCLEX 4 years ago, but soon had her two children afterwards. Her nursing school credentials only last for 5 years. After that, she can't qualify to take the NCLEX.

Since she's had her kids, she's attempted the NCLEX twice and now has one more chance to be a nurse. Let's all wish Alyssa the best!

Update: On Nov 14, 2017, Alyssa notified me that she has passed the NCLEX! Congratulations, Alyssa RN!

Alyssa's nursing license and pass notification.

November 2017

Jewel C. with her check

Jewel C. graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and currently lives in the Phillipines.

"It has always been my dream to become a USRN; and in May of this year I gave it a shot, but perhaps back then it wasn't my time yet to pass. And while I was doing a research on how to reapply to the Illinois Board of Nursing, I stumbled upon Kevin Pan's NCLEX Scholarship.

With this assistance, I can now proceed processing my application to Pearsonvue. My hopes are very high that I am going to make it this time. I strongly feel that you are heaven-sent and I salute the remarkable contribution that you are giving to the Nursing community. THANK YOU!!!"

Let's all wish Jewel good luck as we all work hard to achieve passing the NCLEX.