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Feuer Nursing Review: Comprehensive NCLEX Review

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Price: $199(1 month access)-$250(2 month access)
Feuer Review has been successfully helping students pass the NCLEX since 1971. Based in New York, they have since launched their Comprehensive Review online!

A Detailed Review of Feuer Nursing Review's Online NCLEX Review

December 21, 2017 by Kevin Pan

Hello! Kevin here.

So: who should you prepare the NCLEX with?

So many choices! By my count, there are over 30 NCLEX Review companies out there, and each and every one of them say they are the best.

Great news, though!

In this review, I’ll show you exactly what you can expect from Feuer Nursing Review’s Comprehensive NCLEX course.

Who IS Feuer NCLEX Review?

Feuer Logo Banner

You might not have heard of them until now, but Helen, and now Angelica Feuer, have been teaching the NCLEX since 1971.

They’ve held live reviews throughout the country (mainly in Illinois, California, Florida, and New York).

They also feature an online video course that reflects everything they teach in that live review.

I’ve had full access to their online review, I’ve explored their videos, and I’ve sampled their written materials.

What If You're An LPN Student?

I did notice that Feuer offers two different courses: one for the NCLEX-RN and one for the NCLEX-PN.

I was able to get an answer from Angelica Feuer herself.

The main difference between the RN and LPN program is on the practice questions and comprehensive exams they get. They are designed according to their scope of practice. They both watch the same videos to get a solid knowledge base. Different Scope of Practice ( RN, LPN, CNA) and delegation guidelines are reviewed in the management of care section. Over the years, we have found from the live lecture that LPNs greatly benefit from this approach and usually pass the exam having to answer the minimum number of questions.

I hope that answers that question, LPN students!

My First Thoughts about Feuer Nursing Review

Signing up was easy. Getting into the course was also easy.

The first thing I did was click on the Medical-Surgical Nursing section….

Feuer's Med-Surg NCLEX modules.

What a start! There are a lot of videos and practice questions here.

The introduction says I’ll need about 15 hours to work through this section. That sounds about right!

Introduction text for the med-surg module.

It also comes with a printable PDF workbook to follow along.

The workbook is simple:

It’s a copy of all the slides they show during the video lecture.

It’s a good place to take notes, but there’s a minor problem:

It’s not printer friendly. All the tables and pictures are still on there -- even the stock photos and clip-art, as well as all the NCLEX questions with their colored backgrounds etc.

As a result, just for this Med-Surg course, the .pdf workbook is 600 pages long. Whew!

So maybe they have a few kinks to work out...but this still seems like a promising start.

I bought this review for the videos, after all, not the printable workbook.

Update: February 2018

Feuer Nursing Review has updated their lecture handouts so two slides appear on each page - cutting the required amount of pages in half.

Here’s What I Thought of Feuer’s Videos

The videos range from between 30 minutes to almost 2 hours long.

The instructor for the first course:

Professor Pennington, a pleasant sounding nurse educator with plenty of credentials and experience in nursing education.

The videos are a no-frills style and they get right into the content.

Professor Pennington lectures while slides hover on the left of the screen.

It’s easy to follow and I really have no complaints about the video’s style.

Professor Pennington teaching the NCLEX course.

There is a lot of good content here!

Right in the beginning, he starts talking about strategies for thinking about NCLEX questions and why they are asking you specific questions.

And this is pretty important:

Everything is updated for the latest NCLEX Test plan. The lecture was obviously filmed recently, since he talks about the new test plan and compares it to other years.

Reviewing the 2016 NCLEX Test Plan.

I was impressed by this. Feuer Review obviously doesn’t plan to let these lectures sit and become outdated.

They will HAVE to be keeping these lectures to keep up to date, and that’s an encouraging thing to know!

How much video material is there, though?

Well, the videos are divided into 5 broad sections:

  • Medical Surgical
  • Pharmacology
  • Pediatrics
  • Maternity/Newborn
  • Psychiatric

Each section has an average of around 7 to 13 videos.

Adding it all up, the total video content comes out to around 1813 minutes, or about 30 hours of video.

That’s quite a lot of content! If you think about a typical classroom NCLEX Review, 30 hours of lecture would basically be a 5-day review with 6-hour days.

That doesn't include the time you need to pause the videos to answer the sample NCLEX questions, to take notes, or just to think.

So no worries, Feuer is definitely not a scammy or superficial NCLEX review.

Anyways, I continue watching the video. About 13 minutes in, the instructor presents us with an NCLEX question.

But I wanted to find out one important thing:

How About Feuer Review’s NCLEX Questions?

Was this NCLEX question a true NCLEX-style question?

Was it at the analysis/application level, or the knowledge/comprehension level?

Remember, the real NCLEX asks questions on the analysis/application level.

All too often, NCLEX review resources ask NCLEX questions that are just too simple.

Here’s a screenshot of that first question:

The first NCLEX question in the video.

I’m glad to report that Feuer Review uses mostly analysis/application level NCLEX questions!

I did come across a few that were at the knowledge/comprehension level, but the majority were at the right level to prepare you for the NCLEX.

Here’s another example:

A pharmacology NCLEX question.

This one is from their Pharmacology course.

Here's the NCLEX question smell test that I use:

Can you find out the answer by Googling it or reading an article about it?

If you can, it’s too easy.

You definitely cannot Google or Wikipedia this NCLEX question.

It’s a great question that makes you critically think, and the answer is clear without having to know very detailed knowledge about any particular topic.

(Sorry I can’t release the answer to you here - this is their copyrighted content and I can’t give it all away. You’ll have to find out yourself if you sign up for Feuer Review).

I should also say this...

The pharmacology professor was very engaging - she had a very energetic voice and was very comfortable with the subject. That helped a lot!

By the way, each video also comes with its own set of practice questions (separate from the questions also presented in each video).

For example, here's a question from a 20-question practice set that matches the Management of Care video in the med-surg section.

An NCLEX question set of 20.

So even though Feuer Review doesn’t feature a question bank...

The practice sets that are included with each video (and sometimes comprehensive question sets that go with each section) add up to a lot of questions.

I counted a total of 1046 NCLEX questions spread throughout the review.

That should definitely satisfy your NCLEX practice needs!

Each question, of course, comes with a rationale. It works well, and the questions that I sampled, like I said, are of high quality.

What’s the Verdict on Feuer NCLEX Review?

Feuer Review, as I’ve shown you, does well on the two most important aspects of any online comprehensive review:

Its NCLEX content (the videos) is plentiful and well executed.

The NCLEX Practice questions are of good quality and there are enough to get good practice out of.

How about pricing?

As of right now, Feuer Nursing review costs $199/month. So if you’re really fast and disciplined, you could get all of it for as low as $199 - wow!

Tip: the review costed $399 before they changed their pricing method, so at $199 it’s well worth it.

Even if you took your time and took 2 months, you’re looking at a $250 payment at most. That’s less than most other comprehensive reviews like Hurst or Kaplan.

I'd have to say, in conclusion, that Feuer NCLEX Review is worth the money.

I hope this in-depth report was helpful for you!

However, I still can't give you a complete picture. Not everyone will experience what I experienced.

That's why I want YOU students to write reviews!

Read reviews from real students who've used Feuer Nursing Review. Those will be your source of truth.

Good luck on the NCLEX!


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took the NCLEX-PN
Status: Passed
Review Date:
Review for: Feuer Nursing Review

Help and Support(4)
Convenience of Use(5)
Quality of Content(4)
Overall Value for Price(3)


I have only 3 months to prepare for the examination and I'm so grateful to have FNR Online  as one of my review materials. FNR teaching content helps me understand and analyzed all the situational questions in the exam since the lecturers emphasized the basic points I have to learn in order to passed the test though I hope there will be more practice questions. Through out the course I have experience some technical problem online but they fixed it right away. The course is a little bit pricey but I would still recommend FNR.  I  took CA NCLEX last January 28, 2018 and fortunately I passed the exam in one take.

took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Passed
Review Date:
Review for: Feuer Nursing Review

Help and Support(5)
Convenience of Use(5)
Quality of Content(5)
Overall Value for Price(5)

Feuer Nursing Review helped a great deal in helping me pass the NCLEX-RN exam! Take note that it is the only NCLEX review program that I attended. It was worth every penny. Not only were we able to benefit from the live lectures but most importantly the online video lectures and quizzes. The online access allowed me to study at my own pace and return to challenging topics any time. The most impressive thing about this review is the fact that the content and concepts that were lectured during the live sessions were up to date. As we all know, science is constantly evolving with new evidenced-based research which means nurses must be knowledgeable with these new interventions. Most importantly, I admire the fact that Mrs. Feuer was hands-on with the students. She takes the time to hear everyone's concerns and makes sure that all her students are well-taken care of. I cannot thank this program enough because it helped me achieve my dream of becoming a registered nurse.


I studied by understanding the content, watching the online video lectures, researching concepts I do not understand, writing important concepts on a post-it or index card, and answering a LOT of practice questions.


For those who are studying for the NCLEX, my advise is to just put in the hard work and study, study, study. As cliche as it may sound, do not give up because you already graduated nursing school and the only thing standing from it is the NCLEX. If you were able to finish nursing school, you are capable of passing the NCLEX! PREPARATION is key in passing the NCLEX and how you prepare depends individually. However, you should be able to enter the testing room knowing that you did EVERYTHING you could to study for this test and that you can answer whatever question they throw at you. Yes, it is impossible to memorize and know every single detail but the most important thing is you know enough to be able to select the correct answer. Last piece of advice is just believe in yourself because you can!


Thank You,


Paulina R. Cruz

took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Passed
Review Date:
Review for: Feuer Nursing Review

Help and Support(5)
Convenience of Use(5)
Quality of Content(5)
Overall Value for Price(5)

Good afternoon,


My name is Camila and I attended the review in November 2017. I traveled from Miami, FL eager to begin the live review and prepare to take my scheduled exam on December 21, 2017. I had already taken my exam twice, but failed. In Florida, after 3 fails we are required to enter a remedial program so I was extremely nervous about my approaching test date. However, after attending the Feuer Nursing Review I came back to Miami feeling VERY confident. The few weeks before my test, I continued  the online coursework and also bought a separate question bank to continue preparing. On December 21, 2017 I sat for my test and finished at 230 questions. The day after, I checked the FBON website, opened up my test results and saw “PASS”; I am officially a registered nurse! I wanted to take the time and thank all the professors who taught me during my review and Angelica, as well. Thank you for all you do! I am very grateful and couldn’t have done this without your guidance :-) 

took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Passed
Review Date:
Review for: Feuer Nursing Review

Help and Support(5)
Convenience of Use(5)
Quality of Content(5)
Overall Value for Price(5)

I graduated from Nursing school in May 2017 from LIU. I wouldnt be the nurse I am today if it wasn't for Feuer.

I used the online and live version to review for the nclex. I had been out of school for about 6-7 months before trying Feuer. I tried everything and this was the only thing that worked for me. EVERYTHING and I mean everything that I learned from Feuer helped me when I walked into that exam room. I felt comfortable and confident in not only my content but also test taking being that I'm a person who has horrible anxiety when taking tests. All of the instructors were amazing, especially Professor Berro who taught Med Surg.

The great thing about the course is the review and refresher, meaning that before coming to the 4 day in class session, you first review on your own and then go through a refresher where you're able to ask questions to make everything click. Feuer had so many practice questions. I feel so accomplished because of Feuer and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Along with Feuer, I did more practice questions with Kaplan. the big thing for me was making sure that i understood the rationales and i did that by keeping a blank notebook of all of my incorrect answers and writing them down.

I LOVE FEUER AND I TRULY BELIEVE IN THIS REVIEW FOR ALL. THEY BROKE EVERYTHING DOWN AND I FELT like i was ready to take the NCLEX the very same day the review ended. I LOVE FEUER SO MUCH and the price is worth it! You can truly tell that Ms. Feuer cares more about you passing this exam than collecting a pay check. Ms. Feuer is so sweet and her staff makes you motivated to learn. I went to other reviews and nothing compares to FEUER!

Thank you FEUER for helping me pass my NCLEX. Couldnt have done it without you!





took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Passed
Review Date:
Review for: Feuer Nursing Review

Help and Support(5)
Convenience of Use(5)
Quality of Content(5)
Overall Value for Price(5)

took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Previously Failed
Review Date:
Review for: Feuer Nursing Review

Help and Support(5)
Convenience of Use(5)
Quality of Content(5)
Overall Value for Price(5)

I graduated from my associate degree in nursing(2014) in Staten Island New york Usa. The online and the live lecture have really help me so much in preparing for my NCLEX exam. The instructors focus on the NCLEX curriculum and the Feuer Nursing Review has helped to know how to tackle NCLEX base questions. The most thing I like about Feuer  Review is that they are really helpful anytime I  call on them for assistant. I will recommend the Review for anyone seeking for review. I hoping for the best to become an RN .

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