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Brilliant Nurse NCLEX Review Course

An online-only NCLEX Review with a very questionable reputation.

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A Detailed Review of Brilliant Nurse's NCLEX Course

by Kevin Pan. Published: December 31, 2016

Websites like Brilliant Nurse are exactly why I started

Their website looks awesome,well designed, and state of the art.

But you don't actually know what you're getting until you pay.

You'd be better off spending more money a more reputable review, like Hurst, Feuer Nursing Review, or Kaplan

Or what about Brilliant Nurse's direct competitor, the also-modern

This is why I've done a detailed analysis of Brilliant Nurse for you.

I have a lot to share with you.

Let's get started. Because of the strong statements I'm going to be laying out here, I've included a lot of screen shots and videos to prove what I found.

My Initial Impressions of Brilliant Nurse's Interface

Whenever I review an online NCLEX Review, I first comment on the overall sign-up process and speed of their learning system.

Brilliant Nurse had a very easy sign-up process. Their website's speed was pretty good, and their learning system looked as great on the inside as it does on the outside.

But from there, things went downhill.

Brilliant Nurse's First Mistake

I got immediately confused about this as soon as I signed up:

I was presented with a page full of courses, but some of them had price tags attached to them.

I thought I had paid already!

Upon investigation, I really couldn't believe it:

They really were trying to charge me for more courses within a course I had just bought.

Here's a 2 minute video showing exactly what I'm talking about:

So that was definitely weird. Why would they charge extra for a Pregnancy Complications course?

I immediately felt like this NCLEX Review might not be as polished as it seemed from the outside.

A 2500+ Question Bank - Not What It Seemed

Right away, I could see one thing: there weren't even 2500 questions in this question bank.

Look at these screen shots:

Here, it clearly says 2500+ NCLEX Question Pool.

The course title says 2500+ NCLEX Questions 8 Modules with 200 NCLEX Questions each

But apparently that is not the case. There are 8 modules of 200 questions each: 1600 questions.

Why would they lie and say they had 2500 questions? I would have been just as happy with 1600...

Moving on, here's what I thought of the actual questions:

Most of them were too easy. Here's an example of two:

An overly easy NCLEX Question Another overly easy NCLEX Question

I'm not trying to be unfair to Brilliant Nurse here. At least all the questions had good rationales.

They had some good questions too, but there was no way to see or choose the difficulty level.

Remember, the NCLEX seeks to test students at the Application Level (above just knowledge and comprehension). Bloom's Taxonomy.

If you're not practicing questions at the right level, it won't do you any good on the NCLEX.

There was also no way to sort the questions by Nursing Topic or NCLEX objective.

Even though's (Brilliant Nurse's direct competitor) question bank wasn't a true simulator, it at least let you sort by difficulty and matched the difficulty of the questions with your performance. And at the end it broke it down by nursing topic and NCLEX objective.

With Brilliant Nurse, this was it: 200 questions in each module, in the same order each time you do them, and at the end it just tells you how many you got right and how many you got wrong.

Sometimes I really appreciate simple interfaces, but this question bank just demonstrates a lack of knowledge about the NCLEX.

The other thing I noticed was missing:

There were no SATA (Select All That Apply) questions! They were all multiple choice.

But how could you really prepare for the NCLEX without those?

SATA questions is the most stressful part of the NCLEX, and Brilliant Nurse doesn't even have any.

The overarching problem was the lack of complexity, paling in comparision to its competitors, and not even closed to the technology and true computerized adaptive testing that is offered by professionals like Platinum Tests.

Brilliant Nurse's NCLEX Content: The Nail in the Coffin

Moving on from the question bank, I clicked over to their Fundamental Review Library.

The first module is a video about congestive heart failure.

I couldn't believe what I eventually found out. Watch this video clip.

It seems like Brilliant Nurse used this free video off YouTube and made me pay to access it from their website!

You'll have to watch the video for the visual proof.

Okay. Here's one last scammy thing about Brilliant Nurse (yes, I'm going to go ahead and call them scammy now):

I clicked on the next module called Overview of Heart Failure.

I again did a quick google search and found that this section was copied straight from Khan Academy.

I'll let the screenshots talk.

Here's the module on Brilliant Nurse:

Brilliant Nurse's Heart Failure Lesson

And here's the lesson on Khan Academy.

Khan Academy's Heart Failure Lesson

Here's My Verdict on Brilliant Nurse

At this point, I've given up on any further analysis of Brilliant Nurse.

I think it's clear. They are not what they built themselves up to be.

  • They try to upsell you once you've paid to get into their NCLEX Library.
  • Their sales and marketing pages are dishonest, even going as far as inflating the number of questions in the question bank.
  • Worst of all, their content is lifted from free sources like YouTube and Khan Academy.

I've found questionably sourced materials, poor understanding of the NCLEX, and at times what seems like outright dishonesty.

Spread the word: Brilliant Nurse should be avoided.

Look at my review of's website if you're looking for an NCLEX library type of subscription.

Or, Platinum Test's NCLEX Simulator for a true question bank to assess whether you're ready for the NCLEX.

I've also confirmed that Feuer Nursing Review has a comprehensive online review that is quality assured.

And of course, you can't go wrong with the long-time giants Kaplan and Hurst (I am particularly impressed with Hurst).

I hope this in-depth report was helpful for you!

However, I still can't give you a complete picture. Not everyone will experience what I experienced.

That's why I want YOU students to write reviews!

Read reviews from real students who've been through Brilliant Nurse's review. Those will be your source of truth.

Good luck on the NCLEX!


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took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Passed
Review Date:

Help and Support(1)
Convenience of Use(1)
Quality of Content(1)
Overall Value for Price(1)

newer take. nothing help. and when you want to stop, they are will  ignore you. And continue charge your card!!!!! 2 months i cannot close account!!!

took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Haven't Tried Yet
Review Date:

Help and Support(1)
Convenience of Use(2)
Quality of Content(2)
Overall Value for Price(1)

I subscribed to Brilliant nurse to study for my test prep because it had been given good reviews as far as cost and effectiveness. I found the entire $75/month program to be A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. Many of my test questions were repeated, so while they claim daily tests and 2500 test questions, it's like a1000 at best. Many of my multiple choice answer options were repeated in a question so the correct answer wasn't even an option?! The rationales and test questions were out of order?! Many rationales contradicted each other, "never give morphing to this patient, give Demerol"....then the next rationale would say, "Demerole is never the pain management of choice because of its side effects". WHAT....oh yeah, and several of my daily practice tests wouldn't even load. Such a joke. I tried to get help with all of the above, but there customer service never once replied to me. There is no phone number or email to get ahold of them, just a "chat" option. 

took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Did Not Pass
Review Date:

Help and Support(1)
Convenience of Use(1)
Quality of Content(1)
Overall Value for Price(1)

I made a horrific mistake spending money at this website. This site was suggested by word of mouth through an advisor at school. I tried the sample questions and everythin went fairly well, then I paid for the practice tests, then the wheels fell off. Logging on takes FOREVER. The first set of questions, when I finally was able to finish them, was never graded. I went past the second set due to much repeating and went to third set. Again, it took forever to log in and that was the beginning of the trouble. I had start the section over again three times and finally gave up and started to look for a place to rate this GARBAGE. What a terrible waste of money. To add insult to injury, there is no place to contact the company on the site, except an email that is never responded. What a waste of time and rescorces. Wretched site.

took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Passed
Review Date:

Help and Support(1)
Convenience of Use(1)
Quality of Content(1)
Overall Value for Price(1)

Very deceitful. I purchased the "3500" question bank for $30. And it only gave me 4 sets of 200 questions each. And that was not the last of it. Each set gave more than a 100 of the same questions lol and when i tried to make a complaint I got no reply back... 

took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Haven't Tried Yet
Review Date:

Help and Support(1)
Convenience of Use(1)
Quality of Content(1)
Overall Value for Price(1)

Signed up for 1 month, pre NCLEX.  I was still in the trial period and I noticed that all the videos ( for Mother/baby- all I had time to do) were Khan academy.  Don't get me wrong, they were very good videos, but this is free content and I was not seeing any value added.  I then began to have trouble with log-on.  I assumed it was because my credit card renewed shortly after signing up, so I tried to email the company---repeatedly. Some of the emails timed out and were kicked back.  I also tried the live chat--crickets.

So, I give up.  I'm not even sure if they charged my credit card at all.  I'm just going to use Kaplan Qbank.

took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Previously Failed
Review Date:

Help and Support(1)
Convenience of Use(1)
Quality of Content(1)
Overall Value for Price(1)

I find Brilliant nurse is deceitful!  I gave them my CC info to try to use Brilliant nurse. They said they will give me a 4 day trial and would NOT charge my credit card till the trial was over. I couldn't log in to the student login, only to my account page.  I used the message box on the bottom, I emailed them and a day later they emailed me with my login info.  They never responded to my email asking for help.  I thought the website was poorly put together and very amateurish. Nothing really offered as far as "Nclex review" just some videos and other sites teaching you English.  I cancelled my account, saw my bank statement and they took out $75 even though I was well with in the 4 day trial period.  I have tried looking for a phone number on their site but it gives you NOTHING but a stupid "live chat" button with is not live at all.  I have emailed them 5 times and still no response!  DO NOT FALL FOR THE BRILLIANT NURSE SCAM! AFter I dealth with them I didn't feel brilliant at all.

took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Haven't Tried Yet
Review Date:

Help and Support(5)
Convenience of Use(5)
Quality of Content(5)
Overall Value for Price(5)

This is the Best Nursing REVIEW so far... They breakdown questions, gives you insight on what to look for in a question. The best strategy of knocking out questions. My perception of viewing a question has changed, getting higher scores in my practices questions. It's Short, Simple, and Precise!!!

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