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Saunders Comprehensive Guide to the NCLEX

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Best if: You feel like you haven’t retained a lot of information throughout school and you feel like you need a lot of re-learning and reviewing

Saunders’ book often comes up on the top of the list when searching for NCLEX books, because there is just so much NCLEX stuff packed into it. While the book itself goes through nursing content topic-by-topic, the CD/online content contains the bulk of the thousands of practice questions. If you’re looking for a serious review, and want tons of material and the biggest bang for your buck, Saunders is probably it.

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I graduated in May of 2013 with my BSN and sat for my NCLEX about 3-4 weeks after graduation, I used a very well know review course to prepare for my NCLEX but I also used more books than I thought possible to try and study as well. I bought both saunders review books and used them more during my final semester and to study for HESI more than for NCLEX after graduation. I was drawn to saunders because they offered practice questions along with rationals and content review, so you are able to answe practice questions whcih are fairly similiar to NCLEX questions, see the rational for the correct and incorrect answers as well as look up and review content that you may not be as strong on. I liked this because it was broken into subjects/content areas so I was able to focus more on the cardiac section and spend more time on it becuase it was one of my weaker areas where Peds/OB was one of my stronger areas so I didn't spend as much time on that. The downside to that is that in NCLEX the subjects are broken up rather mixed together so you never know what you are going to get. I liked using the saunders books for HESI and my final semesters of school versus the actual NCLEX itself. The book is very user friendly and does come with a CD with more practice questions. The price for the book wasn't bad and I was able to sell it to a student a semester below me after I was done with it so I did feel like I got my monies worth out of the book.

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