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Kaplan's NCLEX Strategies, Practice and Review

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Best if: You've grasped the information from nursing school pretty well, and you'd like to focus on getting a really good feel for answering all types of NCLEX questions right.

This book is all about strategy. Its content review is on the lighter side. Instead, it focuses on how to answer the types of questions you'll find on the NCLEX, including advocacy, client rights, delegation, informed consent, safety, and more (500+ pages worth more). It's a different way of reviewing: instead of going over all the content you learned in the last 2-4 years (like Saunders), Kaplan focuses on mastering the common types of NCLEX questions you'll encounter.

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I graduated in May of 2013 with my BSN and took my NCLEX about 3-4 weeks after graduation. I took Kaplan review course in person and this book goes a long with either the in person or online review, using it by its self won't be helpful because your missing the key compent of the actual Kalpan course. The book is helpful with Kaplan because it summerizes key components covered in the Kaplan in class or online course, there is no actual questions and the content if minimal in the book because again it is ment to be coupled with Kaplan not used on its own. The book is fairly inexpensive and actually if you download it on Kindle from amazon its free. The book is very helpful when used with the review course and its very user friendly. If your taking either Kaplan online or in person I recomend getting the book to go along with your review session.

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