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Best if: You’re taking the HESI, or you’re pretty confident in your test taking abilities and just want a easy-to-read review to refresh yourself on nursing topics

The HESI book is a content book that gives you nursing topics in an outline form, similar to reading someone else’s (really good) notes. That said, it doesn’t delve as deep into details as other content books, and neither does it have a lot of strategy. Its strength is its straight-to-the-point presentation of facts. Many say that this book is better-suited for HESI review rather than the NCLEX (hence its name), and has a lot of useful HESI hints.

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I graduated in May 2013 with my BSN and took my NCLEX 3-4 weeks later, my university required us to take and pass the HESI Exit Exam before we were allowed to graduate. I took my HESI in December then again in January. I bought this book hoping to use it to help me pass the exit exam but in fact I really did not like the book at all. The book claims it will help you pass the HESI and NCLEX but the questions reflected more NCLEX than HESI. Hesi is in fact much much harder than NCLEX so I felt the questions and reviews were not actually helpng me in my attempt to pass the HESI. I used this book for my first attempt and ended up not passing and I attribute it to not knowing what the questions were going to be, how hard the questions acutally were, or how to go about answering them. I feel HESI NCLEX needs to market the book soley for NCLEX and not HESI, I used a different online study program to pass the HESI that was much more helpful than this book. If you looking for a simple easy read with just a simple not so in depth review then this may help you for NCLEX but I don't reccomend it for HESI. It wasn't worth the money for HESI or NCLE in my opinion and I ended up selling it online because I felt it was of no use to me. It is very user friendly and easy to use but that is only one small perk of the book.

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Love this book for HESI... I used this book throughout nursing school for HESI... I only use this for my final HESI exit and scored a 1073. It is cut down section by section. The also have tips and tricks...That is what I focused on for the HESI.

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