Top Book Review Blogs Written by Nurses

Belle of the Literati

Kelly (the Belle of the Literati), is an "RN with a passion for reading." She runs a full-featured book review blog, not only writing book reviews, but talking about why she (and you) should love reading.

She makes it easy to be a part of the blog with features like 'Book-Bangin,' 'My Week in Books,' and 'Top Ten Tuesday.'

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Kelly's Book Reviews

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Books Unhinged

Books Unhinged is run by four book-lovers: Stacy, Cristina, Stephanie, and Cristine (you'll have to go there to read their raunchy nicknames!)

These girls really are...unhinged. They all love erotica, romance, and won't hold back. They don't only do book reviews: they publish articles about blogging, reading, and opinion pieces. These reviewers are really committed to their cause.

The Cover Contessa

The Cover Contessa, written and managed by nurse and mother Brooke DelVecchio, is a busy blog.

Author interviews, book reviews, and frequent giveaways are the bread and butter at Cover Contessa. If you like free books and an active community, check it out. The Contessa focuses on Young Adult, New Adult Fiction, and Middle Grade books.

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Cover Contessa Giveaways

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Moonlight Book Reviews

Erika of Moonlight Book Reviews has been blogging and writing book reviews for 4 years. Her preferences for books vary, touching on fiction, fantasy, young adult, and paranormal.

She has started fun things like the 'Traveling Book Box,' where bloggers literally sent a box of books around to exchange and blog about.

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Erika's Book Reviews

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Nana Prah - Writing Romance and Loving Life

Nana Prah is a romance novel enthusiast and nurse educator. She loves to write reviews for romance novels, interview authors, and has even written one herself.

Nana is a self-proclaimed lover of life, and one look at her website demonstrates her enthusiasm and for books, reviews, and blogging.

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Nana's Book Reviews

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Smitten Over Books

Sarah Jane, the blogger behind Smitten Over Books, is a nursing student who loves books. Her main reads are Young Adult fiction, paranormal, fantasy, and dystopian themes.

If you're a nursing student or nurse, Sarah definitely understands what you are going through. On her blog, she writes about the difficulty juggling the rigors of nursing school while running a book review website.

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Sarah's Book Reviews

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