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Kevin's Review of's Online Area

December 18, 2016 by Kevin Pan

Since NRSNG Academy conveniently offers a 3-day trial, I was able to get in there, click around, and show you what I found.

Here we go!

Initial Impressions Are Surprising:

I was expecting slowness. I've come to expect that when I use online learning systems, especially ones that are web-based.

NRSNG is snappy-fast. Videos load really fast, and get this:

I timed it: it took me 5 seconds after submitting my credit card information to having a video on my screen talking about the NCLEX.

No email confirmation, no waiting for activation, no this and that. 15 seconds. So far so good!

Let's See How Good The Content Is:

We won't have time to go through everything in this Academy (there are 9 courses, each with a bunch of modules).

So I'm going to pick a sample: Mental Health - because I am a mental health RN and so hopefully I can tell if they know what they're teaching about.

Here's what the mental health course looks like broken into modules:

List of modules in the mental health NCLEX course.

Pretty complete, if you ask me.

Here's the mind-boggling thing, though:

I found out that their Mental Health course is one of their smallest ones, with 29 lessons.

Their med-surg and OB courses have 86 lessons each! Pediatrics, Lab Values, and Pharmacology all have over 70 lessons.

There's definitely a lot of content here.

Anyways, here's a screenshot of one of the videos. They're visually simple, yes. But maybe that's a good thing.

screenshot of NCLEX video.

I liked that there was also a printed outline AND a transcript of everything that's said in the video down the page.

I like putting systems like this through tests. So I took a quiz.

Here's what I tested: Does the quiz actually test you on stuff you learned in the module?

I grabbed a random question from the quiz about Amitryptiline:

NCLEX question about Amitryptiline.

Then I scoured the modules to see if they had actually covered the subject.

Found it! It didn't take me long.

Use with caution with anything else that may have a sedative effect.

The interesting thing is, the learning module didn't go right out and say "Amitriptyline can't be paired with Diphenhydramine."

You did have to connect the dots a little bit to get the answer right (Diphenhydramine is Benadryl, which can be sedating, which is bad if you're taking TCA's, and amitriptyline is a TCA.)

One critique about the quiz, though: you have to get 80% to pass, and it doesn't tell you which ones you got right or wrong.

So, you're put in the classic "guess and check until you get it right" situation to get past the quiz...

Overall, the course content made me feel:

Impressed! Each course covers content very thoroughly. I peeked at the MedMaster Pharmacology area, and was also impressed by how many lessons were in there.

I think there is so much material, even if you used 5 hours a day you would take at least two months to get through it all. Tons of nursing content is covered here.

This Part Was A Bit Disappointing...Cheatsheets

I happened to take a peek in the "Cheatsheets" course. It's broken up into 26 cheatsheets...but I couldn't see any!

Well, according to the introduction, they are released one by one every week.

This lesson will be available on Dec. 24, 2016. Frown Face.

Seeing as they are charging you by the month, this seems a bit...cheaty?

I understand they don't want everyone signing up for a free trial and taking off with their cheatsheets, but in this way, you'd be 7 months in before you get all of them!

I'll keep you updated on this aspect of the NRSNG Academy.

Update: December 21, 2016

After this review, NRSNG states they understand the point presented here and will consider making the first 2 cheatsheets available on signup.

Another Concern...About Flashcards

I then took the flashcards section for a test drive.

I did hit a roadblock:

Some flashcards just didn't work. They're supposed to flip when you click on them. Some just didn't.

You can actually see this happen right on their flashcard Tutorial video on Youtube. Go to 0:55 (55 seconds into the video), and watch as he clicks on 'Clopidogrel' and it doesn't flip.

A few seconds later, again with the 2nd Degree A/V Block flashcard in the video.

I will keep you all updated on this as well.

Update: December 21, 2016

After this review (and receiving some student feedback on their Facebook Group), announced the flashcard bug is fixed. I confirmed that by testing it as well. The flashcards work as they should now!

Now that they have that little hiccup fixed, this is a perfect flashcard tool.

The SIMCLEX - NRSNG's NCLEX Simulator - Here's What I Found Out

I actually took the SIMCLEX through three trial runs.

The first time, I got interrupted, came back a few hours later, and was logged out so I didn't get my results. My own fault.

I believe I answered 256 questions though - you'll see why I think that if you read on.

The second time, I tried getting most of the questions correct, but not all.

I ended up answering all 256 questions, which makes sense. If you're close to passing or failing, the NCLEX continues to 256.

The third time though, I just picked the first choice for each question.

Guess what happened?

I still got 256 questions the third time, even though I only answered 72 correct.

A log of my test results. Each test took me to 256 questions.

This means...

The SIMCLEX does not use a computerized adaptive testing system like the real NCLEX.

If it did, it would have stopped me at 75 questions because I clearly got a lot wrong.

To be honest, I'm kind of making a bid deal out of nothing here.

No major NCLEX reviews, including Hurst and Kaplan, have real Computerized Adaptive Testing. It's very expensive to create.

The only NCLEX company that does have a real CAT simulator is Platinum Test.

Sure took me a longer time to do my testing, though, having to do 256 questions 3 times in a row. Whew!

But here's something good:

Even after 3 trial runs each with 256 questions, on the third test I counted only 20 questions I had seen before.

That means their question bank is big enough so you can easily use the SIMCLEX multiple times without getting a lot of repeat questions.

After taking the SIMCLEX, you are presented with two breakdowns:

  1. How well you performed for each nursing category (cardiac, mental health, etc)
  2. How well you performed in each NCLEX Category (Basic Care and Comfort, Health Promotion and Maintenance, etc)
List of Nursing categories and test results. List of NCLEX categories and test results.

You'll also get to see the correct answers for each question (and your wrong answers). Pretty good!

The only catch is that the SIMCLEX results don't give you rationales.

You'll have to go to the NCLEX Practice Questions Dashboard for that, which I'll talk about now...

An incorrect answer and the correct answer marked.

How were the NCLEX Practice Questions?

The first thing I noticed: rationales for the answers. Wonderful!

The second thing I noticed: the interface is lovely. It's uncluttered, easy to use, and quick.

You can see it here: it looks pretty much the same as the free questions they let you use on their website.

The third thing I noticed is that the NCLEX Practice Questions and the SIMCLEX questions are from the same question bank.

That's good...though has a drawback.

It's good because you can do the practice questions, then take the SIMCLEX to test how much you were able to remember.

It's also a disadvantage, though, because the SIMCLEX doesn't try to measure your chances of NCLEX success - rather it tests how well you've learned from NRSNG's question bank.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with learning from questions and rationales.

Most well-established NCLEX Reviews rely almost completely on learning from questions, answers, and rationales.

Plus, no matter what claims any company makes, nobody can really predict how you'll do on the NCLEX.

The algorithms and testing science of the NCLEX is secret and impossible to simulate, so it isn't really NRSNG's problem.

Again, I was impressed by the size of their question bank. Each category has hundreds of questions. There has to be over a thousand questions in the bank.

Here's the best part that IS different from many other question banks:

Each question is rated on difficulty (easy, medium, hard).

Most Select All That Apply questions were rated hard, which makes sense.

There was a good mix of Knowledge, Comprehension, and Application questions as well (remember Bloom's Taxonomy?)

Most questions on the actual NCLEX are at the application level, but for practice purposes knowledge and comprehension are useful.

How good is the NCLEX Practice Questions and the SIMCLEX Overall?

It's a solid, easy to use question bank interface with good rationales.

It also has plenty of questions for you to work through (probably growing, too).

It lacks nothing and is as good as anything you'll get from older NCLEX Review companies.

Overall, it's a great way to learn and practice!

What's My Verdict on

NRSNG is indeed a solid contender and a great option for online learners.

Rest assured - they are NOT scammy (unlike Brilliant Nurse). They provide a good value and all their material is original.

I do think they may have overstated their SIMCLEX's technology (claiming they "Cracked the Code" on the NCLEX), but that's internet marketing sometimes for you.

As I write this, I'm almost 100% sure they are adding more content as time goes on. That's just the feeling I had.

They have a great mix of learning methods: videos, audio, flashcards, cheatsheets, mnemonics, Q&A, and Simulation.

You CAN rely on as a main source of NCLEX preparation, especially if you are comfortable with online learning, and have enough self-discipline and time to pace yourself.

Their 200% passing guarantee can't be beat, either.

P.S. - One More Thing...

One more perk of signing up for the NRSNG Academy is access to their closed Facebook Group.

I was able to gain access and let me tell you what I saw:

I can confirm there are several posts daily, both by the NRSNG staff (Jon Haws himself, the founder) and from various students.

Jon answers questions and gives feedback for almost every post. This is truly an NCLEX library run by someone who cares.

If you think moral support is something you need, this can be priceless.

I hope this in-depth report was helpful for you!

However, I still can't give you a complete picture. Not everyone will experience what I experienced.

That's why I want YOU students to write reviews!

Read reviews from real students who've been through's review and passed/failed the NCLEX. Those will be your source of truth.

Good luck on the NCLEX!


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took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Passed
Review Date:
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Help and Support(5)
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Overall Value for Price(1)

Wouldn’t recommend this review course, I had paid for it 2 months prior to my exam and I personally feel like they are trying to hard to compete with uworld making their questions extremely hard. I only used it for a few days and never touched it again. I went back to uworld 100% and passed with 92 questions first try. The queyare too hard!

took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Haven't Tried Yet
Review Date:
Review for:

Help and Support(3)
Convenience of Use(5)
Quality of Content(4)
Overall Value for Price(5)

I like the format of the courses- the fact that the lectures are done by a real person definitely makes it much less boring and so much easier to listen to. The information is very thorough and presented in a fun, easy-to-understand way. Plus the fact that it is multi-sensory makes it so much better. I like that pictures and graphics are presented along with the audio. So it caters for different types of learners. I particularly enjoy the podcasts and cheat sheets (so much information, nicely condensed).
My one concern is this: because 20% of the NCLEX RN exam focuses on "Mangement of Care" I would have liked to see a whole course dedicated to that subject. Or at least that concept should have been interwoven into each course. Additionally, it may be helpful to organize the courses according to the NCLEX categories so that learners can integrate the concepts. After all, the NCLEX doesn't test on individual topics but instead it uses an integrated approach.

took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Haven't Tried Yet
Review Date:
Review for:

Help and Support(5)
Convenience of Use(5)
Quality of Content(5)
Overall Value for Price(5)

Currently a BSN student and was provided with all the ATI resources (books, website) to work on through school and ultimately for NCLEX. Stumbled on when looking for some additional pharm support, as the ATI pharm modules are toruture. SO far, I love everything about  simple interface, straight forward explinations and plenty of study resources such as practice questions, stduy sheets and videos. Very affordable as well!

took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Haven't Tried Yet
Review Date:
Review for:

Help and Support(5)
Convenience of Use(5)
Quality of Content(5)
Overall Value for Price(5)

I am one year into a two year program at my local community college. I decided to sign up for nursing academy to help me priotize studying the most important information as I prepared for my lecture exams. It has been so helpful. I literally have hundreds of pages of assigned reading for each exam.

The NRSNG academy courses focus on the most important material and cut out all the fluff. I am able to focus on really understanding the most important points in patient care and I find that from that I am able to apply nursing judgement to get the right answer.

I love that NRSNG academy is online and available in many formats. As a busy mom it is often easier to listen to or watch lectures while cleaning and helping the kids, then once they are in bed I try to answer a few NCLEX prep questions on the material was just reviewing.

Another great thing about the academy is that the support they offer. They are available to answer questions and provide resources and encouragement. I plan to continue using this resource all the way up to when I need to take the NCLEX and I feel confident it will be all the preparation I need. 

took the NCLEX-RN
Status: Haven't Tried Yet
Review Date:
Review for:

Help and Support(5)
Convenience of Use(5)
Quality of Content(5)
Overall Value for Price(5)

NRSNG is the best review & study guide out there!! I graduated from a one year accelerated nursing program for second year professionals and their material helped me even through the program and to prepare for the HESI exams that I had to pass at the end of each course; as well as the comprehensive HESI that I had to pass to complete the program which was also used as a predictor for our performance on the NCLEX. The NRSNG team is easily accessible & care about you understanding and excelling as an overall nurse, not just purchasing their programs. You get everything - cheat sheets, recordings, videos, flash cards, & practice questions. Would HIGHLY recommend not only for the NCLEX, but throughout nursing school!!

All NCLEX Reviewers