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ASET NCLEX Consulting Services

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ASET: Achieve, Success, Every Time. A one-on-one, holistic and personalized NCLEX Review. Get ready to tackle the NCLEX mentally, physically and emotionally!


A.S.E.T. Consulting Services, Inc. ( Achieve, Success, Every Time) makes a positive difference in the lives of student nurses. This is accomplished by helping as many nursing students as possible pass their nursing boards. A.S.E.T. Consulting Services, Inc. promotes individualized learning plans through a holistic approach while reducing test anxiety and stress. Tutoring for nursing class is also available.

If students are local, tutoring is offered in a 1 to 1 setting or small group (2-4 students). Tutoring is also offered virtually.

Sharonda Hankerson, Owner and Founder:

"The holistic approach means my review/tutoring sessions are not your average 'practice test questions and answers'. I feel students can do that without my help. Students receive a complete assessment of their well-being (challenges that could affect their test results), meditation and relaxation techniques. Students learn how to create a realistic study plan. We discuss foods to avoid before the test, ways to incorporate studying into a busy lifestyle, etc. I believe so many life issues can affect the outcome of the NCLEX. My students are ready to tackle the NCLEX mentally, physically and emotionally. They also receive test taking strategies to help if they get 'stuck on a question'.

I started this company because I have a passion for repeat test takers. I understand their pain, embarrassment, humiliation when they don’t pass, through my own personal experiences. I personally know friends and co-workers who graduated from nursing school, took the NCLEX, failed and gave up. There is a great demand in healthcare for nurses, and so many nurses have successfully completed school but not the boards. I also have a passion for foreign nurses who are completely capable of being great nurses but may suffer a language barrier with test questions. Tutoring is available for all nursing students. My mission is to help as many nursing students pass the boards and pass nursing school as possible."

Pricing and Product Information

Base pricing is $50/hour

Package 1: 3 Weeks - total of 2 hours per Week $64.99
Package 1a: 3 weeks - total of 3 hours per Week $69.99
Package 2: 5 weeks - total of 3 hours per Week $79.99

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